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  • ginger AZ - For best reception keep away from sources of disturbance such as ...

    You must live within 35 miles of the broadcasting towers or it will not work. To check the distance from your location to the nearest broadcasting towers, go to For best reception keep away from sources of disturbance such as large electric electrical appliances such as air conditioners, elevators, washing machines, blowers or microwaves.

  • Amazon Customer - Great inexpensive slow-cooker. Thankfully, the lid doesn't take too much effort to lock.

    I've only used it once, so I can't really speak to durability, but it doesn't show any signs of failing; so far so good.

  • Aaron H. - Plenty of bang for your buck

    Powerful enough to carry my HP Proliant server, a laptop, a 24" monitor, a WAP, a small router, and a host of other small devices. The LCD display is really handy, and it has power to spare. Carried the whole rig for nearly an hour before I got scared and shut everything down....just in time for the power to come back on. I was concerned about the "off" brand, as I've always used APC, but I read the reviews, and this one showed pretty high. I will give it a full 5-star rating because it can carry all of my home-based office hardware with room to spare. I didn't connect my laser printer to the battery, as that wouldn't be fair--it kills everything it touches. But the server is happy, the laptop is happy, and all of my other stuff just clicks along. It will carry a good-sized server and peripherals for up to an hour (my experience), so that's exceptional for a UPS. Most are expected to die off in 20-30 minutes.

  • Wifeybo - You'll love it!

    I wish I'd bought this sooner - it works so much better than I expected. The treatment from this unit is comparable to the professional treatments I've paid hundreds of dollars for. It is super convenient to be able to use it right when I see a hair coming in and It works fast! I have only had it for about three weeks and I already have a significant reduction in hair growth - like 70% less hairs. My super sensitive skin is not bothered at all by the treatments and if fact seems clearer. I hardly even get red from it and It is not painful at all. I love this system. I would buy it again happily.