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City: 9.491 , Germany

  • MrGrave - Kid can't stop reading this.

    My kid recently got his "black belt " as a third grader reader, so this was part of a "hard-copy" treat for him. He has most of his books in his iPad, but he actually enjoys hard-copies of books from time to time.

  • James Turner - Good Lightweight Jacket

    Had this jacket for a couple months now. I'm 5'9 175. Medium fits well. I live in Seattle and the jacket definitely keeps me dry and works as a good wind breaker. The collar is a little bit and can get in the way sometimes. That'd be my only gripe.

  • J Gerhart - Good Travel Phone

    Great price for an unlocked phone. Used it recently in Europe with a 30 day SIM card. Biggest issue is the lack of instructions. All you get is a little fold-out with bare basics. Had to figure out how to open the phone to insert the SIM and while the software has some tutorial capabilities, I was reluctant to tackle Apps beyond the phone and messaging for fear of eating data.

  • Diana - Amazing perfume, just what I expected

    Amazing perfume, just what I expected. The fragrance lasts all day long, not like modern perfumes that stay only 10 minutes. I am very happy that I picked this one.

  • Penny Johnson - It removed the demon!

    Yesterday, I tried to download a manual for my lawn watering control. Some unscrupulous sites managed to use my search key words to produce a site for me to download the manual. But once it was downloaded, it installed some software, especially one called "" which is a virus. The McAfee Antivirus software which is provided by my Internet service provider, was not able to block it. After infected by, not only did it change my search engine, but also considerably slowed down my computer. I used the control panel to uninstalled it. But it was not gone. It continue to affect my computer. This is how I decided to buy a good antivirus software. This software showed at the very beginning in Amazon. Unlike many sites that provide free antivirus software for download, I no longer dare to download their products. But Amazon is the trusted site. So this software is trustworthy. I downloaded it and installed. After 6 hours scan, it removed! I was elated after opening my default browser and no longer see the demon "" I highly recommend this software!!!