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  • Dioji - OK, I'm too cheap to pay $70-$80 for a name brand.

    OK, I'm too cheap to pay $70-$80 for a name brand--so after reading reviews I settled on this one. I like the style. There's quite a few different attachments, but I haven't tried any but the basic one. It has a large capacity for water which is good because to pumps a lot of water and I empty a full reservoir easily, anytime I use it.

  • D. Aveldson - what a great book!

    My granddaughter, who is six, read this book out loud to me. It was just challenging enough for her to read it but not so difficult that she lost interest and wanted to give up. I would love for her to read more books from this author.

  • J Bean - This is a great lip gloss for the price and it does plump

    This is a great lip gloss for the price and it does plump. If you like lip gloss you have to try it. The price is right!! Compared to other vendors that charge $40.00 for a lip plumper -- this is as good, if not better!

  • Charles A. Wagoner - Great Smart TV Software, with Some Issues

    This TV is a great value, meaning that the price is fairly low, and the picture quality and software features are good-but-not-great. I don't have much to say about the picture quality. It's fine for what you pay. But I do want to focus on the smart TV software.

  • Lynzi - Recommended

    Another on of Murad's quality products. Gentle exfoliation so it doesn't irritate your skin or feel super gritty on your face. I use 2-3 times a week and have definitely notice a chance in my skin's texture - smoother and softer.

  • Barry Truong - Ultra Cleanse

    I took this for 3 months and it worked! I will definitely take it again, because I believe there is no better product out there.

  • Amazon Customer - very good

    this is my second bottle i love it its a great vitamin that's great for your over all health as well as for hair and nails .....use consistently and u should see great results and no it wont happen over night but you will get results with eating rite and drinking tons of water! hope this helps