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  • [email protected] - Useful Information On HGH

    Although I do like the book much better, these audio tapes (2) also list the "anti-aging" benefits of HGH. I use HGH myself (47 year old male) and have had decreased cholesterol, lower blood pressure, better skin, much more energy, and less fat around my stomach and buttocks. Unfortunately, most MD's are too mired in HMO's to promote this product. MD's seem to help with CURES but do NOTHING for IMPROVEMENT and/or PREVENTION OF "OLD AGE" DISEASES.

  • Nodin - MLM at its very finest - remember expensive Amway where only the pyramid top gets rich?

    Sounds real good but do your debunking research. This guy is a fraud who claims he's a Nobel nominee. Anybody can get nominated, by anyone. Some even say he claims to have won.

  • Amy M. - Amazing Retinol Cream

    I love this retinol cream! I use it twice a day on my face and neck. It has helped my forehead lines virtually disappear. This cream is a fantastic moisturizer as well. It makes your skin so so soft.

  • Phemmy - I love this product

    I love this product. I have been using it for sometime. It's a bit heavy and greasy when rubbed in the hair so I think it's best to rub it in at night and wash off in the morning. Sometimes I rub in it & use a hair dryer or steamer for a few minutes. My hair feels and looks lovely afterwards.

  • Penny - Boston Red Sox's whats not to love...

    When I purchased this set, I looked at color of the team and value. Had NO idea what a great team this was. Nice.😊 set. My grandson enjoyed having different years, you can see players changing in age to. Now have to break down and purchase the years from The World Series. My son jokingly says, it is his new retirement fund??? Enjoyed Fenwick Park.