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  • mzgayle - absolutely horrible! Put in brand new batteries and only lasted ...

    absolutely horrible! Put in brand new batteries and only lasted through 3 uses. Not only that, the shaver part is scratchy on the skin. Third bad thing is that it doesn't remove the hair like a really close shave. Wish I never purchased this.

  • M. Baker - Disappointed long time user

    I rarely write reviews, but this has been bugging me ever since I bought the upgrade. I upgraded to 2014 mostly for the new features, but was very disappointed to find that the "old" features don't work well anymore. What used to be easy when reviewing downloaded transactions (balancing my 'checkbook') is now difficult and annoying. It's like all the defaults that were based on data entry that I have done since 1998 were replaced with random suggestions. Every time I balance my checkbook I get warnings that new entries somehow conflict with entries from 10 or more years ago (they don't) and have to double-check categories. Latest new treat is that downloaded entries seem to have the date stripped off during review. I used to be a fan and I've used this for a long time, this is a big disappointment. I don't have time or the inclination to spend a bunch of time online (or on the phone) with their customer support folks, but they sent me an e-mail asking for feedback - so here it is.

  • Rhonda - Zantrex-3 Black Rapid Release 84 Soft gelsels

    This really is a great addition to the Zantrex family but be warned if you are Niacin sensitive, when t states take a Full glass of water with the two gel caps, take the full glass, otherwise you will feel the flush that you get as it absorbs, but it does not, REPEAT, does not give you jitters, loopy head or keep you up, and I am very sensitive to the slightest amount of stimulants, and I can take this and feel great all day and go to bed and sleep like a baby, unless my 2 yr old Granddaughter is spending the night, then she hogs the king size bed, but that is what NaNa's are for! ;)

  • Moumita - Very bright and colorful book

    Son loves the book. Very bright and colorful book. Covers words, few shapes and numbers from 1-10. I can definitely see him interested in this book for a long time. Its quite big and the flaps are also sturdy. I was worried that the flaps will tear off easily as my son loves to lift them and see whats inside. But so far so good. Planning to put clear tape on the joins of the flaps to extend their life.