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  • Jonie - Cleaning machine

    I am a tech geek, self-proclaimed that is. I needed something I could just turn on and let it run and clean out the gunk. Sure I have all the free toys, but this one found what those others did not.

  • mom from cleveland - Buy it!!!!

    This is a flawlessly illustrated version of Aesop's most popular fables. There are barely any bookstores anymore-But the local Barnes and Noble, as well as the closing Borders-didn't have anything nearly as nice on their shelves. I could go on and on.. But in summary-ALL children should be exposed to Aesop's fables-If not at home, then in school. I think our society has lost interest in basic morality and many of these fables relate to the way we should all treat others. The pictures are so eye-catching, that even the most movement-prone 6 year old I know- sat still and paid attention. A beautiful book-A deal, at $9.95, and a keepsake!