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  • daniellerene010 - Four Stars

    I really liked the practice questions this book provides. I didnt care so much for the chapters, however.

  • Amazon Customer - overrated, expensive

    I used this product for about 2 years. I regret it. It wears off in 2 hours and gives me a strange yellow cast to my skin. Since it wears off so fast I was buying very often which became pricey. I LOVE my $12 foundation from Physicians Formula that is mineral based, does not irritate my skin, and last ALL day! Not to mention it's more convenient as I don't have to order it on the internet or go to the special store like I do with bareminerals. Get over the hype. Use what really works!

  • Michael Orlando - Great product when you consider the price

    Great product when you consider the price. The manual and packaging is a bit confusing. It says forehead AND ear, it is a no-contact thermometer so it has nothing to do with the ear. Results when holding at the center of the forehead, as the manual says, is off between 0.5-1 degree (just like a oral thermometer). Holding it at your temple gets readings within 0.1 of 98.6 so that appears to be more accurate. Battery terminals were low quality, when I inserted the batteries the first time I bent one and had to bend it back in order for it to make contact and retain the battery in place.

  • Luella Carmona - Good product but needs better screws!

    Very compact product. When it arrived I thought it was a DVD player that I had ordered. The packaging was small. We bought it for our 32 inch lcd tv. It fits the television perfect and is a strong product. Very Sturdy(not flimsy at all). The only complaint that I have is with the screws. The screws were very short and did not have enough length to connect the mount to the TV. Thank God my husband is a carpenter because he was able to use some other longer screws. He also complained that the walls had to be double studded or you would have to use a wood plate to mount the bracket to the wall. He was able to mount one side to a stud but he had to use the cheap anchors for the other side. However, the mount had excellent stability and the TV is doing just great mounted on the wall!Reasonable Product, as long as you can make minor modifications, this is a good deal!

  • Nate - Despite a refusal to change and a New Yorker fetish, it's good

    I have been reading this collection since Heidi Pitlor took over as series editor (this is her fifth edition). When I heard that Geraldine Brooks was editing this year's collection, I was a bit nervous and uncomfortable, considering how I had never even heard of her before until that moment, even though she had won the Pulitzer Prize. I also felt that, coming off Richard Russo's superb collection last year, this would be a disappointing one. And while this collection has some flaws, it is still and excellent read and a worthy addition to the Best American canon. The biggest problem I have with this collection is its inability or lack of desire to publish more innovative fiction, such as flash fiction or more unconventional fiction. Almost all stories are at least 10 pages long and come from major magazines such as The New Yorker, The Atlantic, Granta, or Tin House, and while those are superb magazines, why can there never be any stories from magazines such as Barrelhouse, Bomb, Electric Literature, or Ninth Letter, all in their own right tremendous magazines but may not publish "mainstream" literary fiction, preferring something edgy and unusual. The most unconventional story here would probably be Saunders' "Escape from Spiderhead", and that's really only because it's sci-fi where the others are all realist. While I enjoy any good story, I get tired of reading about characters living in NYC or Paris or Chicago, working at a museum or as a musician or a poet, falling out of love with their intensely written partner with some oblique deeper meaning. I also grew tired of reading stories from The New Yorker, which I think the editors publish because of their big name rather than their content sometimes. I understand The New Yorker publishes weekly rather than monthly or quarterly, and therefore has more stories than others, but can we at least get some variety? No Missouri Review, Kenyon Review, Southern Review, Ploughshares, Paris Review, Ecotone, Zoetrope, Hudson Review, American Short Fiction, and New England Review? All of those magazines publish stunning works, and none of them are included in this year's edition.

  • maestra - Put on I-Pad

    I bought this to put on my I-pad which I always have with me. It's very practical and I can use it while I am reading a book to check things out. Very useful

  • Kelli Blankenship - JUST WHAT WE ASK FOR!!!

    My ten year old son LOVES this bike. We had looked at these bikes in a local department store and decided to go online to order it. We were truely satisfied with the service we got from your company. A-1 service!!!! The bike was delivered with free shipping and arrived at our home within two days of purchasing. It was very easy to assemble! He was riding it within an hour of it arriving.