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  • lemonadedan - 2 thumbs up

    Best anti frizz on the market, hands down! Even during these humid monsoon days my hair stays beautiful all day long when I use Chi Silk.

  • Hurchel Young - Love it!

    This meter works great! It's so small that I usually forget I have it in my pocket. I'm also really impressed with how affordable it and all of the supplies are.

  • Blizzo Blaggensworth - Outstanding light, as well as customer service!

    I bought the 2014 version of this light about a year and a half ago under my wife's account (she has Prime, which is why I don't get the fancy "Verified Purchase" tag.) I've been meaning to write a review on this excellent light, but now even more so because I'm also a big fan of great customer service, which I just now experienced with Thrunite.

  • skimmer - Not really working at all

    Not sure this is doing anything more or less than Proactive would. 2 months for my daughter using it and no improvement. I guess we will have to just spend the $ and get Proactive to see if there is really any difference between the products.

  • Julie K Perigard - Now it is way too sweet, and if you are sensitive to artificial sweeteners ...

    Well we used to buy this product as a staple at our house. No they've "improved the taste" They added Sucralose, (artificial sweetener), and Cellulose gum, (makes it thick and foams up in the blender). Now it is way too sweet, and if you are sensitive to artificial sweeteners like me you will get that tell tale head ache right away. Sending this junk back for a refund.

  • Dan B. - Five Stars

    5160 Steel. The real thing. Comes extremely sharp. This thing chops like an axe. They say it is not a collectible, but I disagree. The hammer forged blade is beautiful. The fact that this is hand made makes it a real collectible for me. If you don't have one yet. You should. I also purchased the extended Latin machete, e-toh and the 3.5" hybrid machete. I would hate to have to pick only one of them, but if I did It would have to be the e-nep. I don't have anything else like it. It tips the scale right at two pounds and is an incredible chopper. Even after cutting 3" to 5" branches off a fallen hickory the edge showed no signs of wear. I would highly recommend the one of a kind Aranyik e-nep to anyone. In fact everything I've purchased from Aranyik is high quality and ready to be used. You will not regret picking up one of these machetes from Aranyik. The shipping was very quick around 4 or 5 days. Can't say enough about this purchase.

  • Adrian Rivero - Close to Perfect

    Great mouse with absolutely the best tracking I've ever seen. I wear a medium size glove and use a hybrid grip on mice. The Finalmouse Tournament Pro fits my hands almost perfectly. The coating is similar to that of a FK2 and is very comfortable. The only issues I have with the mouse is that the scroll wheel is too sensitive. Fortunately, it is fine enough for gaming. Lastly I wish the mouse buttons were slightly smaller because I dont use them. However, these are both personal preferences. Overall, the Tournament Pro is the best gaming mouse I've ever used, and I would definitely recommend it.