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  • Ralph Mullins - Love it. Have it on vinyl and thought it ...

    Love it. Have it on vinyl and thought it was time for a cd. Songs are catchy and if you hear them enough times you start singing with it. I

  • Ko-Ko - This tablet DOES it!

    The yucky smell of old mildewy water was driving me nuts and my husband tried some home concoction. I saw these on Amazon and thought it would be worth a try. I threw one tablet into our Samsung washer, set it on self-clean and walked away. The next day, the smell was gone! i;m not a believer of these tablets if you use them correctly! When the tablets first arrived i'm not sure what my husband did but the tablet did not completely dissolve so i'm guessing he didn't give it enough time to roll around but when i tried it, the entire tablet dissolved and was gone so that's the key - make sure the entire tablet is gone when do go thru this cleaning phase!

  • Mitchell Howard - Xzilon-Save Your Money

    This product, which was applied by the Lexus dealer where I purchased my new 2013 Lexus, did nothing that was described by the dealership. Please, save your money...

  • P Nitty - If you have thinning hair, this is perfect. If you have totally bald spots, not so much.

    It's funny, I tried this same product about 15 years ago and remember it not sticking/bonding with my existing hair. Well, between now and then, they must have fixed something. I usually shower at night and started applying this before bedtime (it sounds stupid, I know). But I wanted to illustrate the point that my pillow has no black powdery marks from it when I wake up. This stays affixed to my existing hair so well overnight that I don't need to reapply any more in the morning when brushing my hair.