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  • paxfax - SSD EVO - Countdown to Ecstasy

    All I can say is SSD's will completely change the performance of your computer. Its like getting a new one...with twin turbos and a blower. You have also navigated to THE one to buy. I do crazy research on these things, and have an entire IT department with veins in their forehead and wear glass bubble helmets to consult with...although I need my English to Jargon translator handy. This is the SSD Holy Land...the EVO is the it...get out your catchers mitt for Amazon delivery and have an open bay ready. Strap your self to a it up...and BLAST OFF....!!!

  • R. Eye - Great size for snacking. I was born eating Cheez-Its so they are in locked into my brain cravings.

    I bought these on sale. I like to have snacks in individual sizes to discourage over-indulging particularly when I am a Cheez-It addict. I bought these for Halloween instead of candy for this year. I don't know if they are more healthy, however, but thought I'd not give out candy for a change.

  • Pthymnb - Works well and is decorative

    My husband and I were looking for a new and decorative salt mill, so we thought that we would give this one a try. This one is quite beautiful and it really adds a lot of charm to a table. This mill is very simple to fill with salt or pepper. However, this mill does not come with salt or pepper, so you need to provide your own. The top is a true black color. The grinder is pretty sharp and grinds salt and pepper very easily and it grinds it into the same size pieces. I received this item in exchange for my unbiased review.

  • Go Sugaya - Doesn't recognize kids at all

    This game doesn't recognize my kids on the camera. Pretty useless because it bought it for them. My 6 year old sometimes recognizes. My 3 year old never. Same with 2014 version and I heard it hasn't improved with the 2016. Maybe it is better to buy this game on another console. At least it doesn't work for PS4 and ps4 camera.

  • elaine - Interesting, nothing new

    Maybe some new details not included in other books. I keep reading about Hillary's life, expecting to be able to agree with the media. But I do not understand why they want America to become like Europe. Socialism does not work. Some of the program's she wants will continue to bankrupt our country.