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  • B Agee - Horrible Instructions, Good Product

    The fit was perfect. Instruction very vague but with other posts was able to figure it out. Definitely need to improve the installation instructions. Sturdy & Durable for kayaks and paddle boards.

  • Anna O - Wonderful product!

    I first tried sebamed from a trunk show at Costco. Now I can't get enough! It goes on smoothly,without leaving a heavy feeling or residue. I switched from using a Clinique face cream to sebamed and I haven't gone back!

  • Sheila Terrell - Wexler Skin Regenerating Serum

    Excellent product for dry skin. Extremely concentrated and last a long time. Cheaper than Bath & Body works, which is the only place I have found this product.

  • L. Mckee - Fast shipping

    This item I was a lot excited about receiving it for the possibility of getting more stations. However this area is not going to receive the amount of stations as the advertisement states. So, I sent it back.

  • Tony - Not worth the money.

    I was very excited to see the 2016 Revolution Pro model available when I was ready to buy a new stroller. Unfortunately, I'm not impressed with the quality I got for a $500 stroller. Most of the stroller has a very good build quality, which is why I gave it 3 stars. The main problem is the rear wheels and axle. The rear right wheel has a very noticeable warp, causing it to wobble slightly as it rolls. I contacted Amazon about the problem and the sent me a replacement stroller right away (thank you Amazon!). Unfortunately, the replacement stroller had the exact same problem... not sure if this is a defect in all productions. The replacement also had a loose fitting connection between one of the rear wheels and the axle. I decided to keep the first one I got and sent back the replacement stroller. Like I said, the rest of the stroller is great, but it seems like the new 2016 design was done in an effort to save money rather than improve quality. The rear axle and wheels are probably the most important aspect of a stroller, so it's disappointing to see that they cut corners in that area.