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  • Furman O. Ashley - Same as Wheel Color

    My title comes from the fact that this had the same results as the black wheel paint. It is hard to use over large areas. I choose this to black out my chrome(ish) front and rear bumpers. It does the job of protecting against chips. The problem comes from the can nozzle. First it is much harder to use than the newer blue tip adjustable nozzles so if you're going to do any large surface, you'll be better served getting one of the snap on trigger adapters to use with this can. The other bad part that may not be such a big deal on a wheel is that the nozzle also only provides a small fan of spray so on an flat surface, your options are to have uneven spray of the paint so that it dries like you layered it in markers or you try to prevent that with overlap and end up with runs in the paint. After my first attempt on the bumpers, I went to a adjustable tip standard black enamel and clear coat from Dupli-Color and obtained a nice smooth brilliant black and with clear coat ended up with a factory look. I do not recommend this product.

  • Bill Torrey - Works fast!

    This worked right away. I've never had a cold sore before, and nothing else was working. Once I applied this, the cold sore was gone in about two days, with visible results in 24 hours. I'd definitely reorder this again.

  • Paradox - Pretty decent concert

    Pretty decent concert.....Tyler cant quite hit the notes the way he use to..and...the band looks about ready for the retirement home...but it was enjoyable....great sound...and Tyler did do an exceptional job on Dream On (especially considering he is 118 years old, lol)

  • Natalie T - Versatile, thick, soft, plush, & adsorbent towel!

    WOW! What a soft, plush, and expensive feeling sports towel! I really didn't think I'd ever use those synonyms in a sentence to describe a sports towel! But I must say, this quick drying and super absorbent towel by Sport2People really is luxurious when it comes to sports towels. And just because "sports" is used on the Amazon sale page, don't let that deter you from purchasing this towel! It could be used for swimming or even as a bath towel while traveling i.e. hiking or camping. This would work really great as a high school graduation gift too if the graduate will be in a tiny box of a dorm room, like I was back in the day. I personally use my gorgeous towel during my yoga and Pilates practice because I am dripping sweat by the end! And again, this is very absorbent, which really is great for anyone, but great for the fitness enthusiasts. I really like how this towel is packaged in a mesh bag. Someone may just think this is the package. However, if you have ever taken a Bikram yoga class or even a hot yoga class, you know how much you drip sweat! This bag is so nice for carrying a nasty sweat drenched towel in straight to the washer once home. The mesh bag still lets the towel breathe and dry, but keeps it contained until it is able to be cleaned.

  • 2 old 4 braces - Organizational Necessity

    I never seem to have enough of these. The bank gives you 1,000,000 checks and only one check register. These are just like the ones you get from the bank. Great price!

  • J. Heidloff - Make it available

    I used Nevr-dull for the twelve years I lived aboard a sailboat. It kept the metal shiny and protected better than anything else I tried during that time.

  • Jose - Right price, for an awesome product

    There is not much to say (bad or good) about this particular product. It's not a movie, is not a book, is a Microsoft's software. If you are reading this, is because you have a brief idea of what you can do (or not) with MS-SQL. But in terms of price vs features, this is a 5 stars product.