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  • KthrynRenee - New and Improved - NOT!!

    There is something very wrong with the new version on Norton 360 2013. After I downloaded the program, I could not access my login vault - it said 'closed' and I tried over and over to click on it but it would not respond. When I tried to open the Norton window on my desktop, it would display for only a few seconds and then disappear. After several attempts, I sought out Norton support via Chat. They remotely accessed my computer (which I hate doing) and tried uninstalling and reinstalling several times only to realize there was nothing they could do... I say they because I attempted to fix these issues three times via different chat technicians and none of them could get it resolved. I was stuck not being able to access my online accounts because I couldn't open my vault for over a week. I finally uninstalled all of the current Norton 360 products and reinstalled an earlier version that I actually had the CD disc for. Once I installed the earlier version and restored my Identity Safe data, ran virus updates only and performed a system scan, Norton (the old version) is running like it should. I was able to register my Key code from my Amazon purchase for another 1 year subscription, so I'm back up and functioning again... No thanks to Norton though. This new version has some MAJOR problems and I would have rated it a ZERO if I could. Be warned and buyer beware!!

  • Amazon Customer - All you need to know, if you think you want it, get it. It's a good purchase.

    This case is the best thing you can purchase if you are looking for a reliable ipad case. I originally had the apple case, but this is much more comfortable, and feels very secure. Some people may complain about the weight, it really isn't that big of a deal, I don't notice it at least. And if you've purchased an apple pencil to go with your iPad Pro then this is DEFINITELY the case for you. The pencil case is made out of rubber, so it fits snug and does not cause scratches on the expensive pencil itself. The holes for the cables, earphones, and camera are the perfect size, it all fits. The magnet locking also works just fine! So, in summary, it is a good purchase, the price matches perfect for what it is, and my iPad Pro and pencil feel very secure.

  • D.D.M. - US Casinos, the Games, and coupons

    Excellent listing of US Casinos (commercial and tribal) in this book. This is the seventh year I've bought this book and I'm always happy to use it as a reference guide when planning my trips, learning the games and a few tips.

  • End User - Sufficient enough for the basic material

    In major cities it works great, I can comfortably surf the net for the basic materials. yelp, Facebook, email, chat should be ok. However I find the signal to be weak/not connecting when going out of the city a bit. If you look at the coverage map, imagine the strongest signal area, that's where you get coverage. Anything less than strong signal is probably not going to work.