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  • Dustin - Better than Microsoft Word

    Have you ever tried to place pictures alongside text using Microsoft Word? Have you done so with columns? And then tried to add comment boxes underneath each picture? If you're smiling, you probably are aware of how frustrating that can be. This is where Publisher comes in. If you need to create any sort of flyer, handout, product info sheet, etc., all you need to do is close Microsoft Word, put down that handful of aspirin you were about to take, and buy this product.

  • ChrisF - It simply works, because it's simple. (Formula Revealed Below)

    Sea Foam works, and it works well is the jist of my review. I tried this on my five year old Ariens 926LE snowblower with 9.25hp Tecumseh that was getting the oh so common idle surges, not wanting to idle right, and popping at full throttle. We all know what that means. The carb jets, bowl is starting to plug up with varnish and gunk. Now at this stage you either find a way to fix it yourself or drop it off at the small engine shop for a $99 cleaning/rebuild.

  • breakwaterbill - would rate zero stars if that was an option

    Many others have registered the same types of complaints. It's hard to believe a product can be this bad. My HD Hero3 Black edition freezes up randomly and cannot be restarted without removing and replacing the battery. It loses video files. It stops recording randomly. It locks up transferring files to the MAC or PC. The backpack touch screen rarely works and is useless - the touchscreen cannot be used at all when wet. Control via wifi is painfully slow, works only sporadically, and cannot be used to playback anything that has been recorded. No real information about issues and solutions is available from GoPro's online support - I have had problem ticket assigned but no actual contact with a tech rep. So far this has been about $600 totally wasted. I got this to replace a GoPro2 which was slightly more reliable but not very durable - I mistakenly assumed this one would be an improvement.