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  • Jodym - No effect

    No I would not repurchase this product it made not visible difference and I felt it too gel like on my skin and sticky.

  • Bookworm4Life - Beautiful!

    There's just something about this song that I can't help but stop what I'm doing, close my eyes and listen. It's great.

  • Melina Lantz - Answer to phil's uneducated rantings.

    First of all Anne would have died 10 years or more ago if she didn't do what she did. The reason she died was because Conventional medicine damaged her liver to the point that nothing would help. The fact that she got 10 glorious years is a miracle in itself. 2ndly, What rock are you living under. Anne death was publicized. I heard about it right after it happened.

  • JOHN J - Worked To Pass Inspection

    I am so happy to have found this product. After reading the reviews I decided to give it a shot. When I initially took my car to inspection I learned that my CEL was burned, there were P0420 & P0430 codes plus there was a lot of vapor coming out of the tailpipes. Put in a new bulb, changed the oil, air filter and PCV. Also banged on the cats a few times with a hammer hoping to loosen anything up. Poured in a bottle of Cataclean with 1/4 tank of gas remaining. Then drove the rest of the afternoon on the highway. Once near empty filled the tank, cleared the codes and later that evening all tests completed with no error codes. It stayed that way for about 25 miles the next day but unfortunately while on the inspection line a pending code appeared. Knowing I would fail I left the inspection station, reset the codes and drove all week trying to get the diagnostics completed but kept firing the same codes before the catalytic monitor test could even complete. Bought one more bottle and here is what I did. Warmed up the car in the morning then went to the gas station with an almost empty tank. Poured in Cataclean then added 3 gallons of regular unleaded. Reset the codes, drove about 10 miles on the highway then let the car sit running for about 45 minutes in park. During that time I started seeing smoke out the tailpipes. Drove it locally for another 10 miles and the smoke disappeared and there were no vapor clouds either. OBD diagnostics then showed ready with no codes! Immediately took it to inspection and passed. Ran the rest of the tank empty and refilled with regular unleaded. One code reappeared shortly after. If you decide to try it keep in mind you may have a short window of opportunity depending on how bad the underlying cause is. This did what I needed it to while I plan to make repairs.

  • Christopher Romero - It works!.

    I am satisfied with this product, I didn't smoke for a week and drank it, the day of drug test at 11 in the morning wait 15 minutes; refilled it with water and drank it again, and about an hour, hour and a half I peed around 5 times, got drug tested at 3 and passed with flying colors!. Highly recommend it!.