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  • abcdefg - would have been 5 stars but....

    The Try&Decide part of Acronis True Image is a bit flaky. I noticed that my C: drive was greatly growing in size for no apparent reason. I also use Sandboxie to help keep out all of the questionable stuff that tries to sneak in...which helps greatly but, like I said, with True Image, my C: drive fills up even if I regularly use the Acronis "Cleanup Utilities". I also notice that the Try&Decide stats indicate that it is not being cleared out and continues to grow in size. I also periodically, when the residual Try&Decide "used space" grows, I go into the "Manage Secure Zone" and remove it recovering the space to the partition (I have Secure Zone on a separate partition from the C: drive) and then recreating the Secure Zone to start anew. This appears to zero out the Secure Zone but doesn't seem to zero out the "Loader Data" file.

  • Michael O. - Great Panel!

    Everything about this panel is awesome. I love the big charge it provides to my phone directly. My phone doesn't charge properly from the battery pack, but I use that for my rechargeable batteries, phone is direct. Charged phone direct sunlight 40 Percent in 15 min. Droid Bionic with extended battery pack.

  • Geoff D Birchall - Not much change to operation, mainly a data update

    This is not a significant update from 2010, with the major changes being the file format (not backward compatible) and it seems to take longer to calculate routes. Better data, but the same experience. Watch it on low powered portable hardware.

  • Azizi - how to get the drink to work

    The drink really does work but this is what u need to do dont do drugs 72 houra before your drug test. The day of your drug test wake up 3 hours earlier and dont eat or smoke. Not even cigarettes. Get a gallon of water and drink it in about 45 minutes then urinate frequently. An hour before the test take the detox drink. Take ur time drinking it. Then refill the bottle 4 times times with water and drink and then that's it don't drink anymore water. Don't eat don't smoke until after your drug test that's what i did and it hasn't failed me a single time yet have used this trick many times. Goodluck


    Our restaurant payroll is very complicated. Several of our 15 employees have multiple rates of pay, depending on the task they perform at a specific time. We must report and tax their Tips. We have never had any issues or problems arise from our use of QuickBooks Payroll. The software is easy to set-up and use, and there are automatic updates of the latest changes from the state and federal taxing entities.