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  • Dsilva21 - My feet thank you!!

    Absolutely hands down one of the best pampering tools Ive ever owned! I received this in nice packaging came with a brush, batteries, as well as one replacement head. I've tried on both wet and dry skin and it works wonderfully. My feet are abused I don't do socks much and I am on my feet all day every day. My feet feel clean refreshed and fabulous! I am so happy to have it in my life now I am going to buy some as gifts next holiday season! The only addition I would add to any of this is some type of bag to put it in when not in use. I use the box but something less bulky would be nice!

  • Chef - Wow did this stuff work in my case.

    07 Ford Focus, started to make noise when turning, especially in the cold weather. Didn't notice any foaming so I didn't think it was a leak or air getting in. I took some fluid out and put the bottle of this stuff in. I swear within 60 seconds all bad sounds went away. This was over 3 years ago. Great product in my case, thick like honey.

  • rachel walker - BEST BRONZER!!!

    love this bronzer....i got pretty dark w/in 2 weeks of using this lotion.....just wish it came in a biggle bottle : (