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  • Wine Gal - A Wake Up Call

    This is a wake up call for all good Canadians to stand up against the looming world domination of Bhutan. C'mon people, read between the lines!

  • Ashley Medlin - Decent product

    The product feels soft, smells great, and leaves hair shinier and slightly less frizzy than before application. Don't use much or gives greasy look and feel. Product only good day of application, not one of those you can leave in a couple of days and hair still looks good. Should last awhile since not much needed.

  • Felicia Gardner - love it

    Have this on my subscribe list. It comes promptly and toddler loves it. It a little bit cheaper then getting the pre made and sometimes you get coupons, which you can only use in stores. But that's ok.

  • James Stufano - No Call Forwarding

    I have just learned that even though Magic Jack has on their website that you can do call forwarding, I just learned they don't. This was the answer I received when I used their chat service. They also make it sound like you can just transfer your current number, but what is hidden is they charge an additional $19.95 for the 1st year and 9.95 each other year to keep your number.

  • Patrick Buhrs - Please think again.

    Please think again. A Lenovo with a 3 month warranty ??!! Not a good sign. Mine is 5 month old now and it will not stay running long enough to watch a 45 minute show on Netflix. Watching Netflix is the primary reason I bought the unit. Lenovo has a utility that pops up to check for updates and do a hardware scan to fix any errors. Mine locks up every time I run this utility. I'm sorry I didn't spend the extra money and get the Intel Compute Stick with a 1 year warranty.

  • buchanra - Good for walking on pavement.

    I purchased these shoes to wear for walking at lunch. They work well for this. The sole is a little thin so I would not recommend using these for walking in a rocky area. It is hard to get the shoes one and off as the tongue is connected to the shoe on the sides.

  • Amanda - Awesome

    After watching the video (hilarious) we had to give this a try. It really does work!! You won't be disappointed :-)