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www.purplepill.com Acid Reflux Medication | NEXIUM® (esomeprazole magnesium) - Discover NEXIUM, the Purple Pill, which offers 24-hour heartburn relief caused by acid reflux disease. Ask your doctor if NEXIUM may be right for you.

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  • N. Pledger - Perfect!

    Webroot was recommended to us when we bought our computer. I was a little leery about it working the way I needed it to but I have used it for 3 years now and I wouldn't go back. It works just as well as the other web securities that I've bought for a fraction of the price!

  • kpritchard - LOVE this book

    This was suggested by mt instructor in Med Surg 1, so I bought here, and I can not even begin to tell you how much this book helped. I used for all 3 of my med-surg classes. The best part about it is that it doesn't just tell you that an answer is wrong, it tells you why it is wrong. I also noticed that many of the questions from the book appeared not only on my classroom tests, but also on ATI tests, and practice NCLEX tests on line!!!

  • A reader - New Interface -- Great Improvement!

    I've always loved the MOOV as a personal fitness coach -- it's 10 minute workout is the perfect no-excuses morning routine. But when I first reviewed it, I found that it didn't always track other activities well, including semi-stationary activities like water aerobics. That all changed with its new interface in May 2016. Now it's much more accurate in recognizing activities as "active." There's no problem with it counting brisk walks, water aerobics, or heavy gardening (aka shoveling rocks). The sleep tracking is better, too. They also changed the colors on the phone interface to make it easier to recognize different levels of activity. Now you can be active "yellow," "orange" or "red." And it automatically gives you a badge when you reach a fitness goal. Now I think it's the best fitness tracker on the market. Nice work, MOOV!

  • Jamie C Lovell - A useful, honest review of this product after 2 months

    Alright, here it is: the most honest and helpful review. I bought this back in August along with the conditioner. It is now almost the end of October and I see no improvement with my hair loss. Actually, I seem to be losing more hair-but that could be due to the fact that I just started grad school.

  • Shay - It worked for me...

    I know people are skeptical about this rating but I can tell you I am a real person and it worked for me. I started using this along with Clomid in August and not only did it regulate my period from +\- 35 days to 28 days on the dot, but I am currently 4/5 weeks pregnant. Like other reviewers, I was quite skeptical and this was my last ditch effort to take something that will increase my chance of pregnancy. My husband began taking FertileAid for Men and I'm unsure if this helped out also but I'm pregnant. I am also 26years old and have been TTC since the day I got married a little over a year ago. With the help of God, Pregnitude, Clomid, FertileAid for Men, and prayer here we are expecting our first child. I am still taking it because the ingredients promote healthy brain function for the baby. I highly encourage this and I hope this give other women TTC the hope they need to keep on trying. God Bless and Baby Dust to all...

  • Reza - Definitely read this.

    This book is very technical and well presented. It helps you learn what and why you hurt before you fix it. The stretches, drills and information in this book are very good. I am a golfer and I recommend this to anyone who might have back pain.