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  • Mickey Maguire - You Get Out of It What You Put into It

    I have used the Writer's Market, the Artist's Market, and now, the Photographer's Market books in the past and present. There are lots of good tips in the book for people who are just starting out. I've been freelancing since the 1980s, so, I am not new at this, but, there is always something new to learn. These books are great time-savers. They give you the information you'll need to get your foot in the door.

  • T. Agredano - Go Organic

    I am in love with this stuff. In the past, I have been an avid user of expensive face care products but what prompted me to switch was turning 30. My skin chemistry changed and nothing was working anymore. I have been using the Acure Organics Argan Oil for two years and I LOVE IT! I purchased it to use as a moisturizer but have enjoyed other benefits as well.My skin has filled fine lines in and my sunspots have almost disappeared(I had some very dark ones). The oil is very heavy so I recommend using an organic facial lotion as a carrier substance so you can adjust how much your skin can absorb.

  • Beau - They're a little smaller than you might think. But they're good and get the job done.

    Not gonna lie, I assumed the tools and the tool box was going to be a little bigger, but they have served me well and got the job done. And I kinda like the portability of the tools too actually. I bought this to help me fix my scooter, and now I can actually just keep them in my seat trunk. Thanks.

  • Jennifer Schackel - SKINNYTASTE FTW!

    So far I've made 10 recipes from it and they are all phenomenal! Korean Beef Tacos, Egg rice bowl, Bahn Mi Bowls, Korean beef tacos, Chicken Tikka Masala - are just a few of my favs! Everything is so good, flavorful and healthy.

  • Rhonda M. - ... was skeptical of a non-OEM part but the fit perfect. It took longer to find the right torx ...

    I was skeptical of a non-OEM part but the fit perfect. It took longer to find the right torx than it did to put them on. Look good and perform better than expected.