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    Prior to reading this book, I had many gaps in my understanding of history, as pertains to the Royals getting control of nation. I was intrigued by the history and the pattern. We are in the midst now of the government and corporations united to get all control, and they have succeeded. I am recommending this all my friends who actually read and are concerned. We are in deep trouble and there is no time to remain clueless.......this book will open eyes!!

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    I like the book so much. It has a bunch of beautiful images to easily understand. It is good for my career

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    Brush, scrape, floss, rinse with this. If you can smell your own breath, try it after an hour of using this product correctly. It's like breathing in fresh warm air.

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    This game really is awesome. I actually just recently sold my PS2 and this game as I upgraded to a PS3 and WWE2k14. The graphics on Smackdown vs Raw 2011 are simply amazing. The wrestlers look so realistic that it's hard to believe your playing on a PS2. There are several modes on this game which are all pretty fun. The movement and flow of the game is awesome and the controls are not too hard to learn. Too bad this game doesn't have an updated wwe roster, because if it did, it would be better than 2k14. If your a wrestling fan and are thinking about buying this, go for it, you will enjoy the game as it will bring you hours of entertainment.

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    The book was in perfect condition. Has lots of information on meds. Perfect for nursing students. Not too big of a book so east to carry around.

  • Libby - Miracle Pain Relief in A Jar

    After being a bit hesitant about ordering yet another "miracle" pain relief cream, I must admit...it works better than advertised,literally overnight, in combating a bad case of chronic tendonitis that has been bothering me for several months now due to overtaining and not stretching properly.