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Top of the World Ranch Treatment Center in BC | Alcohol Treatment | Alcohol Rehabs - We at the Top of the World treatment center in BC understand that person that suffer, from alcoholism, from drug addiction, abuse alcohol or abuse drugs.

  • http://ranchrecovery.com/detox Private Detox | Medical Detox | Detoxification Facility | Treatment Center - We are pleased to announce the opening of our new medically supported private detox facility located at the Top of the World Ranch Treatment Centre campus.
  • http://ranchrecovery.com/right-for-you Treatment Centre | Alcohol Addiction Programs | Drugs - We believe that we are the best treatment centre for people that do want to create positive change in their life.
  • http://ranchrecovery.com/our-client Drinking Alcohol | Abusing Drugs | Regretful | Addiction - You find yourself feeling regretful for what you have done when you are drinking alcohol, when you are abusing drugs.
  • http://ranchrecovery.com/treatment Disease of Addiction | Treatment Program | Clinical Team | Assessment - Recognizing that the disease of addiction affects the BIO-PSYCHO-SOCIAL-SPIRITUAL dimensions, the clinical team at Top of the World provides a treatment program that addresses all these areas.
  • http://ranchrecovery.com/testimonials Addiction Program | Peaceful Place | True Healing | Clean & Sober - Your addiction program was at such a beautiful, peaceful place for true healing to begin.
  • http://ranchrecovery.com/family-support Family Support | Addiction Treatment | Recovery | Treatment Centre - Top of the World Ranch Treatment Centre has recently implemented a very successful family support weekend.
  • http://ranchrecovery.com/success-rate Addiction Treatment Success | Treatment Centre | Continuing Care - World Ranch Treatment Centre offers the reporting and clarification of our addiction treatment success rate.
  • http://ranchrecovery.com/facilities Treatment Center | Lodge Facilities | Rocky Mountains | Purcell - The Treatment Center Main Lodge has a variety of decks and log furniture for you to relax and take in the Rocky Mountains.
  • http://ranchrecovery.com/sober-activities Sober Activities | Treatment Program | Incredible Nature | Guest Ranch - These various off ranch excursions help us all to experience the joy of sober activities and events as part of your treatment program.
  • http://ranchrecovery.com/location Location | Top of the Wold Treatment Center - Where is Top of the World Ranch Located? How do I get there? If I am from the USA do I need a passport?
  • http://ranchrecovery.com/privacy Privacy Policy | Top of the Wold Treatment Center - It is the policy of the Top of the World Ranch Treatment Centre that personal information, such as your name and e-mail address or telephone number is private and confidential. Because your privacy is important to us, we maintain an Internet privacy policy to protect the personal information you may be providing to us and will not be disclosed to any third party without user consent.
  • http://ranchrecovery.com/financing Financing | Top of the Wold Treatment Center - Medicard Financing Medicard is a fast, simple and convenient way to get the treatment you need when it’s required.

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    Easily adds a few yards to drive. I have tried several iterations with normal store brand balls and this one, again and again straight drives seem to go longer. In terms of weight and feel they dont show any difference, but are staying alive longer in drives. Also doesnt bounce like crazy, once you learn to control the putts they drive well. I am not very good in swinging the balls in air, so hard to say how much control it gives. I mostly go for power and distance for the local courses.

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    Captain Trimmer's tome "How to Avoid Huge Ships" is filled from cover-to-cover with the kind of wisdom that only years of salt spray can crust onto a man. However, most helpful was his summary and its very succinctness and intuitive nature, may in fact, hurt his book sales. "Stay on land" (page 111, paragraph 3) is the kind of advice that small boat captains of all ranges of experience can both grasp at once and ponder at length to plumb the depths of its insightful intelligence.