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  • Red McNamara - Perfect for shipping fabric, etc, - when you have more stuff than package

    What a great purchase! I work with fabrics and tectiles, and often have to ship them. It gets expensive and after a while I started looking for creative ways to make more stuff fit into a smaller container. These bags are perfect! This package has a selection of sizes and you get a lot of bags.

  • A. Student - Great charger

    This is my second one of these (the other was identical except for the brand name) and both work perfectly. One stays under the couch with a tangle of cables to charge cell phones, tablets, FitBits, etc., and the other sits in the entertainment center to charge PS4 controllers and power a Raspberry Pi. They work great with everything I've plugged into it.

  • Hermione Sasst - I am no longer a prisoner to the bathroom...

    First off, I had my gall bladder out in Aug '04 and since then my digestive track just kept going downhill. By the following January I was impacted drastically and could no longer function normally. I found myself running to the bathroom whenever I was nervous or often when I was eating. It didn't have to wait until after I was done, sometimes the urgency hit after a few bites. Knowing there was not a bathroom often made it worse.

  • Susan Sommers - There IS a difference!

    Husband says there really is a difference in the taste between straight from the bottle vs using Fizzics. So far, so good!

  • NaomiG - Oh yeah, this series is gonna be gooood!

    Epic adventure begins here. This fantasy genre takes place on today's earth, includes all the creatures you've ever heard of except Angels and Demons (so far), includes some seriously strong premonitions of soul mate relationships. Flowing narrative from the sassy heroine POV with a Friends-like supporting cast. Great dialogue, no awful miscommunication but some secrets, and little naivety shown from the heroine. She's smart, can take care of herself, but has a few close friends, fewer enemies and is very likable. Then there's the Compass brothers. Oo baby, you'll just have to read about them for yourself. Yum! This book starts off strong, it definitely leaves you wanting more so I can't wait for #2, and there are enough leads for this story to keep me tightly wrapped up in it til the end. Put this series on your to-read today!

  • Marilyn Strosberg - We use to have wonderful results with this product but had to send back ...

    We use to have wonderful results with this product but had to send back the last two due to the consistency of the product. it is awful ..i gave to my sister and now she can't return it as its past the nov 6 date. can you help. i would've to have it sent back. please notify marlene.ashmore@gmail. com on how to get this resolved

  • laago - Useless

    I am using the trial of this for about 2 weeks. I have used other Movie editors from Magix for years so am not a novice to their products.