Revista de Estud(i)os sobre Fichte - Revista de filosofía con referato doble ciego consagrada a los estudios sobre el pensamiento de J. G. Fichte y la filosofía transcendental

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  • Steven - Over priced. Spoiled surprise. Strange theme.

    I agree with the other reviewers. I am a long time LEGO fan and somewhat serious collector. I have been buying LEGO Advent calendars for my kids since 2005. Every year they seem to get a little stranger and more expensive. The advent calendar really is a $20 set as another reviewer suggested.

  • daniel - This is the...

    I have listened to this album so many times I lost count. It is utterly essential listening for anyone into this music scene. This has not left my CD case even once, except to listen to it over and over. Have you ever shuddered when listening to a really great song? Do you ever get goosebumps or feel a tingle when you are deeply touched by a peice of music or a good book or film? Do you choke up a little when your favorite tune comes on. This record did that for me. I like every song, but the first track is the very best. I demand that you fork your hard-earned money over to Amazon and get this record. You wont be disappointed!

  • Emily G - Five Stars

    Great product for conditioning and makes my daughter feel like she is getting really fancy in the morning!