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  • MadMatt - Good fun!

    I enjoyed it. It feels kind of derivative, a bit of "zombies" of all things, cliches of training farmers into a fighting force, working together as a team, inspirational yelling before a fight, the comic book closing credits, and so help me, I can't think of Dwayne as a good actor. But I still liked the take on Hercules and his legend. The characters were likable and I enjoyed the twist on who were the "good guys." I did not regret watching it.

  • Felton T. - T-fal A777s164 18 piece cookware set

    To any customers who wish to purchase this product ( Don't Buy ). I purchased this 18 piece set in November of 2013 it is now February of 2014 and all the handles on each pot, skillet, has become loose or has come completely off. I live by myself and i cook all my food myself ; there is no over use of this product just normal household use there is no reason someone should pay $80.00 for cookware like this. I call T-Fals corporate office customer care center to see if they could/would offer help with this matter; when I called I spoke with Stacy a representative with T-Fal she wanted me to box up all my cookware I just brought and send it in for evaluation; which would have left me without any cookware at all to use. I expressed to her that sentiment an she said that is all the company could do. I then asked her could she tell me if T-fal offered any tools that i could purchase on my own to reattach / tighten the handles on each item that I had issues with she told me NO!!! with a very none caring attitude. I advised Stacy that I would never ever again purchase any T-Fal products an further more would write a review; she then told me ok an hung up the phone. POOR CUSTOMER SERVICE AND EVEN WORSE T-Fals products BUY AT YOUR OWN RISK.

  • Evie Farris - Beware of this cream during pregnancy

    Beware of using this or any other cocoa butter product during pregnancy. It can actually cause your baby to have a heart arithmea. I was using this cream for stretch marks on my belly. After my doctor discovered an irregular heartbeat from my son in utero, I was sent to a specialist who did a fetal echo and told me to go off caffeine (I wasn't having any except a little chocolate) and cocoa butter products. Came back a week later and his heartbeat was fine. They told me it's actually pretty common. Don't risk it with this product! Totally not worth the scare.

  • Michelle - Hate Pads and Tampons, this is a Great Alternative

    I have not used pads or tampons for many years thanks to this product. I am not squeamish about my body so this product is perfect. I put it on before I leave and remove it when I am in the privacy of my own home (95%) of the time. I cannot tell that it is in and it is comfortable to wear. I don't associate smell with it either unlike a pad or tampon, and I don't have to worry about public disposal like a pad or tampon. I have worn it for all occasions and have been using it for at least 6 years. It is very useful and handy. Also it is less expensive than pad/tampons (for me) in the long run. I buy one box it last 2 cycles. Also I have it as subscribe and save, so they get delivered to my house.

  • Jose Almestica - Awesome ride, won me over so far

    Just received my bike yesterday and managed to set it up today. I have always worked on my own bike and this is the 1st bike I actually had to put the cables together. Derailleur setup took a while but I managed to get the gears shifting perfectly front and back. Took it for a test ride and let me 1st say going from a single speed Giordano Road bike that weighs about 30lbs. To riding a 24 speed 21lb bike with slim tires you immediately feel the difference. I took it for about a mile so I can reach a hill climb and shifting through the gears it took that hill like a champ. I can however give the only negative review about this bike in my opinion. I live in Jersey City NJ and we are well known for potholes and bumpy roads. Riding through this city you feel even the slightest of bumps and that's due to the seat. This bike comes with the hardest seat I have ever sat on and I am feeling it tonight even after riding it just for an hour this morning. I will give it some time and see if I can get used to it. If not I am replacing it. Other than that I am in love with this bike, on smooth pavement she's a dream. However she's a nightmare when things start getting bumpy. Hills? No problem shift through those gears and enjoy the smooth ride. I will post up more about my experience with it in the future.

  • Nicholas B. Clark - Looks exactly like the picture

    Perfect, looks exactly like the picture. My son is 32inches tall and weighs 27pounds and it fit him perfect

  • Superfinechef - Best product i have gotten from amazon

    So it's been a few weeks since I bought the 600w. Omg plants LOVE THESE LIGHTS. I have a 300w in a small tent for auto flowers and 600w running full spectrum for veg.