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  • dissatisfied - Beware the "life time" warranty - it will cost you

    We have purchased several t-fal products over the years, including the more expensive professional grade products. In August we purchased a set of frying pans, which worked fine for about 3 months and then the coating started to bubble up and peel off. When I called consumer services, the representative informed me that I would have to pay to ship the defective frying pans back to them at my own expense. T-fal's website even suggests that I spend extra to insure the package. The representative informed me that t-fal would not pay for shipping because they would not know if the product was defective until they received it. Of course, no offer was made to reimburse me once they received the defective product and to make matters worse, I was told that had I returned the product within 30 days they would have provided a shipping label. I guess if it is within 30 days they don't care if it is defective or not. As these particular frying pans only cost us $25 dollars, spending close to $15 to return them did not make any sense. When I asked to speak to a manager, I was told that no one was available. Needless to say, I threw the pans out and will not be purchasing any t-fal products in the future. I have lost all confidence in the product and respect for the company.

  • mark engel - Floor mats

    Do a lot of camping around sand it makes it easiy to keep car clean, just lift mats out and dump sand out.

  • CN Nicholle - Works when in right

    I purchased this product from Walmart ONLY because it was around $5 and I was curious about these menstrual cups. I've had my period for 31 years now and I trust my tampons and pads but I hate being left out a movement to improve women's lives. The Diva Cup cost too much, $30 so If I was just using trial and error I didn't mind spend just a few dollars on these. These Softcups initially was easy to insert. In fact I put it in and went on about my day doing daily chores. I had it in for about 6 hours before I started to feel "drippage". Luckily I also wore a thin pad so there was no mess on my panties. I put a second cup in and I guess I didn't put it in far enough because after 3 hours I was feeling drippage again. Since it was close to bedtime I took my shower and just put my trusty super tampon in for the night. The next morning before leaving for work I put in a new Softcup. It wasn't long before drippage occurred again. Now I'm really thinking I didn't put it in far enough? Well I used the back up of a tampon and said I may have to rethink this Softcup thing. Tomorrow will be a new day and I'll see how it stands up to my morning Boot Camp class. You really can't feel the Softcup in you which is a bonus. But taking it out is a real mess. Be sure to be over a toilet or in a shower or else.....So far it's just OK.

  • Tyler A. - Great product for the price

    Works great, my only gripe is the lights on the keyboard wont all go off when the computer shuts down.However the color schemes are good and the keyboard does not feel cheaply made.

  • Fr. Charles Erlandson - Up to Date Philosophy of and Advanced Primer on Finding a Job

    "What Color is Your Parachute?" has become an American institution. This edition marks the 40th anniversary of the book's first publication, and the book has now sold more than 10 million copies. While I don't usually review books like "What Color is Your Parachute?" I find that it's such a unique and useful book on finding a job that it's worth encouraging people to read it.

  • kristin - Thinking about drinking this amazing product!

    I bought this product to help with my itchy scalp that was not controlled by anything else and I LOVE IT!!

  • James Davison - The original book of Shackleton's adventure

    When the Endurance steamed south into the splitting ice pack of the Weddel Sea in the summer of 1914, she carried aboard the renowned British explorer Earnest Shackleton. The Endurance was specially designed and massively constructed by one of the world's finest shipyards, staffed with scientists and qualified volunteers and outfitted with meticulously tested equipment. Shackleton himself was an experienced polar veteran who had once come within a day's march of being the first to reach the south pole. But in spite of careful planning, the Endurance was doomed, and this expedition would be Shackleton's last Antarctic voyage. Unexpected cold weather froze the ship solidly into the ice, and 7 months later, the mounting pressure of millions of tons of ice crushed the three-foot wooden hull. The Endurance sank into the black water, and left the 30 exhausted men marooned on the treacherous melting ice flows of the storm-churned antarctic sea. For six months the poorly-equipped castaways would struggle under inconceivable hardship until the drifting ice broke up enough for Shackleton to lead his expedition in three open lifeboats through freezing open water to a lifeless bit of rock called Elephant Island. With 5 companions aboard the remaining battered lifeboat, Shackleton left his crew and stuck out across the open ocean in a desperate attempt to reach a remote whaling station to obtain help. His faithful men would remain behind to weather the winter storms sleeping under the upended wreckage of a lifeboat -- their lives dangling by the frail promise that he would someday return. Alfred Lancing is an experienced journalist whose detailed research combines with direct and perfectly-paced prose and a handful of the expedition's original photographs. It is a tale of leadership, unflagging courage, and determination in the face of impossible odds. But maybe the real definition of heroism is to be undaunted by the impossible. After sixteen days covering 900 miles of water in an amazing feat of open boat navigation, Shackleton struck land at South Georgia Island -- and after a three-day sleepless march over the 10,000 foot mountains in the huge island's interior, Shackleton and his remaining companions finally stumbled into a remote whaling outpost. And 450 days after being shipwrecked, after 5 attempts in three different ships, Shackleton managed to return to Elephant island to rescue his 22 remaining crew members in a tugboat borrowed from the Chilean government -- finally delivering all 29 of his men without the loss of a single life -- and making Endurance one of the most inspiring stories of human survival every written.