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  • James Lundy - This treadmill is great.

    The treadmill is great. It is everything I expected. I must warn you though about the delivery. I was told it would be delivered to my home and in the door. The delivery truck arrived on time and THEY LEFT IT IN THE MIDDLE OF MY DRIVEWAY AND TOOK OFF. IT WEIGHS 300LBS. I could not move it by myself. I had to take everything out of the box and even then I coul not lift the platform myself. It was an awful experience and I will never order anything from Amazon again.

  • Harrison E - Pretty good

    It came nice enough but the paint they seemed to use for the face is a little on the cheap side it seems to me. I still like the product, but just something everyone should be wary of. It doesn't look as good as the picture.

  • 💕 Indiangirl 💕 - This product is great. I use it once a week on my ...

    This product is great. I use it once a week on my face an neck to exfoliate. Make sure you use it in the shower because the little granules of dead skin/product will get all over. It does make a mess but it's worth it because afterwards your skin is soft and moisturized (but not to an oily degree). I also appreciate how there is no irritation when using this product. I have found that Vivo Per Lei is a great line and I LOVE how you can get the products for a fraction at Amazon!

  • Chaplain America - 2013 Hess Toy Truck & Tractor

    This was just what Santa ordered! Hess does not disappoint with their variation and creativity. Our boys' (and friend's) eyes lit up when they opened them!

  • lappins678 - Dante and Jodi

    I love Ms. Hamel’s writing, but this was not my favorite story. Even though Jodi was naïve and a captive, I had trouble understanding how she could forgive what had been done to her family so quickly. The opening scenes were certainly blockbusters. This book was fast-paced and a standalone with no cliffhanger which I appreciated. I voluntarily reviewed an ARC of this book.