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  • Honest Feedback - Great night cream for the price!!

    I am in my 40th and have very good skin in general. Over the years I tried many different creams (both expensive & inexpensive brands) and keeps coming back to this one. It's light weight and it does not feel greasy at all. It works great to keep my skin moisturized at night & exfoliated at the same time. It's a great cream and the price is great-I get it from Butystore when they have super discount :-)

  • JimboPA1 - This stuff really did work, that's crazy

    Let me first say that I do not think I have ever had a magic bottle work for me. But this stuff did and I can't believe it right now. So let me give the back.

  • Randall L Ray - Zija SuperMix - You're probably drinking mostly fluff

    My husband and I purchased the SuperMix from a friend. It was quite expensive but wanted to help her out. I didn't notice any physical benefits from drinking it daily...but I'm not overweight or in particularly bad health. That said, I began to wonder about the ingredients and how much of what vitamins and minerals I was ingesting by drinking SuperMix so I looked online for the values of these nutrients that is in each pack of the SuperMix. I couldn't find that info anywhere. So, I called customer service and asked them where I could find the nutritional values of each pack of SuperMix. They couldn't tell me...just said it's a 'Proprietary Blend so they don't post it'. Question...Am I supposed to just drink this stuff on trust that it's good for me and has good nutrition in each packet? How do I know I'm not just drinking fluff?

  • Mark Sisson - The most extensive book on fasting out there

    Excellent. In recent years, intermittent fasting has become a growing interest of mine. Personally, I've adhered to a compressed eating window and seen great results. Although I've studied the benefits of intermittent fasting pretty extensively, Jimmy still offered up a slew of new information. The book is both accessible to the layperson, but uncompromising in the hard evidence it offers for its conclusions. He covers the intricacies of insulin resistance, gluconeogenesis, and offers real testimonials and labs from people who have experienced the benefits of fasting. I enjoyed his investigation into physiological biomarkers like growth hormones and metabolic rate, but also his attention to the history of the practice--referencing great fasters like Mark Twain (a tidbit I didn't know before reading the book).