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  • Bike Dad - Surprise, works pretty good!

    Actually works pretty well. Not a substitute for sanding, staining and applying a new varnish or poly finish; it won't look like new. It will however improve the look of the finish significantly that one might decide their is no need to refinish. Used it on an old (early 60's) Singer sew cabinet that had several scratches, a couple worn spots and a few water spots. A couple applications and it brought back the look of the finish so easily and to such an extent that my wife is satisfied with how it looks. Won't work in every situation, but is worth to have on hand. When I have finished this can, I'll buy another to keep on hand.

  • Dan Shields - Hate to hear how loud the pump would be without ...

    Hate to hear how loud the pump would be without it! At the very least you get some anti-stress line length.

  • Brianne - Amazing product!

    This is an amazing product and it really works. I've been using this for 2 years now and I have to spread the word- it is magic!!

  • Robert Deary - Is it cheating

    I bought this book because I'm hungry, but I have multiple personality disorder. Is it cheating to use this book? Am I really cooking for one? Can I technically microwave for one and ignore the other personalities? Will they get mad? Will they get out the gun again? Will the barking in my head ever stop?