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  • Kelly - Going Through Quickbooks Support Was an Epic Disaster - This Was SO Much Easier (and cheaper too boot!)

    So -- I've been using Quickbooks for years and years for my small business. Mainly because it's what my accountant prefers and I had some experience with it at my old job. Other than that... no special preference. I logged into my QB and tried to upgrade to 2016 (I was using 2013) and I got all the way through the purchasing process for it to say "sorry... call this number (it was like 18004intuit or something) can't complete purchase".

  • Natalia Jones - Why what beautiful lashes you have

    I really wanted to give this product a shot before writing a review because I was sceptacle. Well, let me tell you the results are amazing. My eyelashes are darker, thicker and look absolutely beautiful. I have been getting compliment on my lashes some one actually thought they were falsies. Well little did they know I've been using Bang. Love it!

  • NancyJeanne - I think it's my favorite

    I love romantic suspense, but I also love history. Darkest Journey was great for both! I've really enjoyed the Krewe of Hunters, as well, and with a Civil War history backdrop this book had it all. We think we know all about the Civil War, and though the Journey's story is fictional, it tells not only an exciting story of suspense and romance, but gives a background of human perspective to what was an incredibly costly war for American hearts and lives. Brother against brother. I am grateful that Heather Graham didn't make the murders the result of race, but of good old human frailties. Great book!

  • Amazon Customer - Wast

    its a wast of money. I got two and I see nothing am still 180. I work out 5 days a week and still see nothing. Save your money

  • T. Moffett - It stinks!

    I mean actual smell, not quality! It has a very strong chemical smell. I had to keep it outside on the patio for over a week before I could stomach using it regularly. I want to add, though, it is VERY comfortable! Once you get past the smell, you'll really enjoy it!

  • Plumbing Company Owner - Should Be Professionally Installed

    Why in the world is a DIYer or Heating & Cooling companies attempting to install these units in the first place. As a Master Plumber with 21 years experience, this is the best product I have seen in years. This unit SHOULD be installed by a professional plumber not a Chuck in a Truck with a Crack in the Back. I have installed these in commercial applications such as restaurants and hotels as well as residential applications. Technical support has been exceptional. Every issue that has occurred was responded to and immediately resolved either by phone support, replacements part and even replacement unit...all shipping was overnight. I truly believe that the negative articles against the Navien product were originated by competition or an installer that did not know what they were doing. Posted by Dave of 9-1-1 Plumbing.