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    Country:, Europe, CZ

    City: 14.4112 , Czechia

  • Wilburn - Vey bright!

    Love the unit. My only discounting factor is the separate button for brightness/flash control does get bumped inadvertently which is only a real issue when you're using the highest brightness setting and suddenly turn it all the way down. Overall quality seems quite good and the unit performs with rechargeable18650B high output cells as well as the 123A's. I'd recommend it heartily.

  • Candie - Cantu please.

    Cantu please. I adore this leave in. I went. natural back in 2012. I had used treseme naturals conditioner as a leave in but it made my hair dry. So I was on the hunt for something better. Both of m sisters said that they really liked cantu, so I went online and I read that it doesn't mix well with other products. Because of that i didn't buy it. By the end of May 2013, I broke down and bought it. OMG i am so glad that i did because it is fantastic. It mixed well with my other products too. My hair was so soft and fluffy. Bouncy and great curl definition. It's 2015 and we're still together. That says a lot.

  • Kate - Would be great to personalize at a gift.

    If you're super into coozies this is the one for you! This is very well made. The steel is study, no scratches or nicks. You have to screw off the top piece to get a can or bottle inside. I thought it could have come off a little smoother, it's a little scratchy when you're screwing it, and slightly annoying to have to remove it each time, but the other qualities of this product probably make up for that inconvenience. Once the sticker is removed you could put vinyl lettering on this a really personalize it for yourself or would make a great gift. I was concerned that it would be top heavy becuase the can does not sit all the way down in the holder, like the bottle does. I did lots of testing trying to get this to tip over and was very please to see that it does not go easy! This is very study and unless it really gets hit or set on an uneven surface, there is very little chance it will spill your drink. It keeps your drink nice and cold longer than a normal coozie.. if that is needed and doesn't sweat like an uncovered can might. Over all this is a great product. I think it's quite over priced at full price, but if you are one that uses coozies often then this might be a great fit for you.

  • Thaddeus D. Holdinghausen - it works

    i've only used it to clone 1 hard drive (i upgraded from a 320GB to a 1 TB. So far there is no loss of functionality or files.

  • S.M.H. - Corrected and slightly enhanced revision of 2012

    So being the compulsive person that I am about purchasing books asap for my coursework and USMLE studying, my mom purchased the Kindle version of this book and gifted it to me so I would not have to wait until Jan to get it. After going through a lot of the sections, it appears that the 2012 errors I checked were corrected and some of the images were slightly improved but not all of them. Some of the info has been slightly shifted around a page or two but Embryo section is now placed within the appropriate Organ System. This is much better because I apparently had overlooked the section entirely in 2012 when studying systems due to it being a separate section. I have not been through the entire book yet. Overall, it appears to almost be exactly the same as 2012 but with corrected errors....hopefully this book will not end up having as many errata.

  • Allen Muramoto - Top notch product and straightforward easy installation.

    Simple installation. No more than 20 minutes. Quality materials as mentioned in all of the reviews. Requires phillips screwdriver. A torx wrench is not necessary.