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  • NYCchic718 - Fast shipping

    Haven't actually tried all the products yet. But package was carefully wrapped and shipping was ridiculously fast. Will definitely re order. I have been using the hot oil treatment with garlic. First, it is not an oil- it is more conditioner like. However, I was loosing tons of hair int he front of my scalp, used this for the last 4 months and my hair has been growing back immensely. Definitely would reco that product. Will update as soon as I use the others. Again, great shipping.

  • JReis - Somewhat disappointed

    I bought this machine in July of 2010 for home decor and miscellaneous sewing, but I also wanted something I could use primarily to make dog collars and leashes which means it has to go through two layers of nylon webbing with ribbon stitched onto the webbing. The gal at the store put a piece of webbing in the machine and it went through the machine with great ease. That sold me. However, I've noticed that the machine is VERY sensitive to the thread I use. If I am using something other than Coats & Clark Dual Duty thread the machine jams. The bobbin thread wants to break or the spool doesn't turn properly on the spindle and the thread gets wrapped around the thread spindle, causing the machine to jam. I also have trouble getting the needle to pass through double layers of nylon webbing at times. I don't use extra thick nylon and the machine should have no problem going through this, but it seems to get quite temperamental. The needle plate also now needs to be replaced because it is bent at the spot where the needle passes down through the plate and into the fabric and the thread catches on it. How it got bent is beyond me. I would think that the force used to push the needle down through the fabric isn't enough to put a dent in the metal needle plate cover. I would expect the needle to snap off before it dents what is clearly a VERY heavy piece of metal. It's possible it was bent from the beginning and I didn't notice it. Regardless, it's a $12 part so not a big loss.