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  • Amazon Customer - Has worked to make me feel better

    I have been taking this for about a week and can't comment on the weight loss benefits, however, I had chronic, horrendous, bloating in my stomach every day and it made it hard to breathe and I felt full and disgusting all the time. After just a few days I have noticed a huge difference with the bloating. When I lie down, my stomache isn't poked out anymore, so it is doing something and I do feel better. I don't feel speedy due to the caffeine, but I am a coffee drinker, so maybe I am used to it.

  • T. Gross - OK - pay attention to reviews

    I can't really complain about what it does, but my expectations were that it would be as much of a vacuum cleaner as a steamer. That's sort of true, but the roller must be on for it to vacuum. I don't like that since I have new cork floors that should not ever have a roller-brush vacuum. But it does pick up nicely.

  • Mug2You - Allergies

    I can't take antihistamines too often because of hi blood pressure. This product works really well for me. My chiropractor turned me on to it. I'm sensitive to mold and night air (which seems to bring up the mold) and I use this and don't usually have a problem. Good price at Amazon.

  • Rebecca - STRENGTH

    Noticed more strength in my legs within a few days of using. Recommended by my doctor. Try, do not think you will be disappointed, however after 3 months had to cut down dosage. started getting dizzy, my legs do miss the regular dosage of 3 at nite, but the site does talk about side effects. always do your research so that you are comfortable in what your taking. now take one every other nite for the last 2 weeks. just be careful. depends on your system and your body.

  • Word for Life - Complex but Productive

    I've used most versions of Word since version 3.0, and most recently Word 97, and Word 2003. For a lot of reasons, I needed to upgrade to Word 2010. I can say I was productive doing complex tasks after about an hour of learning the new interface. Creating tables of contents, bookmarks, and indexes is much easier.

  • Asia - Must have!!!

    I love this book! So much information this is a must have for every household. I refer to this book often!

  • a036618 - Love it, but you have to prep floors before applying!

    Wonderful shine! One quick application after prepping and the floors look brand new again. The product itself is kind of sticky, and if you get it on your hands expect a weird glue-like coating that you'll have to scrub off. You really have to prep your floors well before application, which involves cleaning off the residue from previous applications and that takes a bit of elbow grease... definitely worth it in the end. Also, allow it time to dry without walking on it, which is easily achieved if you divide the entire job into quadrants and allow half an hour or more after applying before walking on it in stocking feet. Previous reviews stating that it left a whitish film likely didn't prep beforehand... and you should expect that to happen after a few applications if you don't remove the excess in between.