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  • Melody Haliburton - loved the color

    ran my 1st 5k in these shoes and have logged in 300+ miles in them since i purchased. loved the color. fits exactly as all my Nike's have.

  • B Herendeen - DON'T BUY IT!

    I am FORCED to rate one star, it doesn't even deserve the one star! I have had nothing but trouble with the Model 4411 since getting it less than one month ago. It jams continually, even though there is no problems with the thread or the dogfeed. I have a blister on my thumb trying to keep it going. It is now making a weird noise around the turn wheel. HEAVY DUTY???? I was sewing a light-medium weight fabric. I have submitted my request to Amazon for pickup of the machine and full refund. I have NEVER had a sewing machine that gave me trouble until now. This is a horrible product ...

  • Ivan - ... I chose this model thinking it would be much better for my him

    I bought this for my 9 years old kid a few days ago as a B-day present and I chose this model thinking it would be much better for my him, however very quickly within hours of use we discovered that Steam OS does not support 90% of the games that my kid wants. I guess I did not do a thoughtful research. Anyway my kid has and Xbox one / 360 and PS 3 so we are not much of a gaming PC experts. Anyway I decided to erase STEAM OS same day we received it, and we installed Windows 10 and let me tell you it was a much better decision. The PC runs very smooth and we installed Steam on it and if u click on the "Big Picture" mode is the same as it was before installing Windows 10 but now we can run all the PC games Steam OS does not support. I'm currently running GTA V on high set up, and it looks and plays great, not frame drops at all. The ALIEWARE can defiantly handled it. I recommend to anyone that has this machine model to upgrade it to Windows 10 which it can be install FREE of charge, however you will have to purchase a serial key within 30 days (they can be found on google for pretty cheap), if you want to have the best of "both" worlds. In addition if you add the receiver for Xbox 360 PC USB adapter, you can sync up to 4 Xbox 360 controllers to it. I have not try that yet because I just ordered, but I'm sure it will work. The Steam controller does still works on Windows 10 but it is kinda confusing. Anyway we will see how the PC continue to perform in the next few months.

  • Jeffery Fisher - The instructions to follow are so easy

    Firstly the packaging it came in was really esay looking and professional so I was really impressed by that. The instructions to follow are so easy; all I had to do was press the centre button on the headphones and they turned on, then connect to them on your phones bluetooth, simple. They are also rechargeable, but I haven't needed to charge them yet after a few days which probably means that they have a good battery life.

  • S. J. Hewitt - *Most Popular Baby Shower Gift!*

    This is my favorite Baby Shower Gift of all time. Every single person has loved it and you can use it to wash every part of the baby & even its clothes if you run out of mild detergent. I also love that it is a substantial amount of shampoo, not a too small bottle. Every mother has Loved it & I have Never had Negative Feedback on it, as happened some other Purchases*