Sandy Kubillus - Enviro-Dog | Author representing Pets and the Environment - Chipper, my cocker spaniel, rubbed the left side of his face everywhere, on my legs, the kitchen cabinets, even on the asphalt driveway.

  • Sandy Kubillus - About Me | Sandy Kubillus - Enviro-Dog - I’ve been a dog owner, or lived with dogs for over fifty years. I take my dog with me everywhere – even to work.
  • Buffy | Sandy Kubillus - Enviro-Dog - Sandy & Buffy Buffy is a tan (buff-colored), female Cocker Spaniel, who was born on February 22, 2009. Buffy was my mom's last puppy and she had great
  • Cassie | Sandy Kubillus - Enviro-Dog - Sandy & Cassie, November 2014. Cassie, my female springer spaniel, passed away on May 5, 2015, at the age of 11 ½ years. A titled agility dog, with
  • Chipper | Sandy Kubillus - Enviro-Dog - Sandy & Chipper Chipper is a male, tri-colored (parti) Cocker Spaniel. He was born on April 17, 2005. He developed a cough within a few days after she
  • [email protected] | Sandy Kubillus - Enviro-Dog - Hi, I’m Sandy Kubillus and I’ve been a dog owner for over fifty years. I work as an environmental consultant and an adjunct instructor, so my focus involves dog
  • I support CCI & Puppies Behind Bars | Sandy Kubillus - Enviro-Dog - Dogs love to work—especially if they share a job with their owners. I have chosen to support these two dog assistance programs.
  • The GingerLead Dog Sling – A must have for dog owners | Sandy Kubillus - Enviro-Dog - When I saw the GingerLead displayed at the recent BlogPaws conference, I knew I had to have one. It's a padded harness to support the rear end for dogs.

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  • Aubrey S. - Definitely worth your time!!!!

    It's is beautiful! The pictures are so detailed.... I am really enjoying sharing this story with my kids!

  • Louise Llama - Worked well but Took Longer than Expected

    I have dinosaur feet. I didn't always have them but after returning from a Virgin Islands trip 10 years ago I began to notice my feet becoming really rough in spots (heel, lower side section of big toe and side of pinky toe). I went to a podiatrist and she tested for fungus etc but found nothing. So, my days of scraping and moisturizing and wearing socks to bed because I was embarrassed for my husband to accidentally touch my feet during the night began.

  • Stubbe Family - User license - Not happy.....

    Beware.... Not like Windows. For you new Mac users like me..... When it says "one user", it literally means one person, not one pc. So if you have multiple users on your Mac, only the Admin installing it will be able to use it.

  • jeffrey chaney - hoping

    it takes time and i just used it but believe it may work. it is vary easy to use, sprayer, covered entire roof in a couple hours. live in florida with tree cover so have a dirty roof. takes time so we will see over the next year. if it works it will save $500.

  • twice99 - Very nice case offering protection against drops on edge

    Very nice case offering protection against drops on edge. I would have rated it higher but the opening for the lightning connector port was a little too small to allow charging plug. I had to shave a little on the plastic with a knife to enlarge the opening a tiny bit.