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  • George - Ultralow Profile and sounds great!!!

    After deliberating whether to buy this antenna or a 13" antenna, I chose this one. It is more expensive than the other, but came with favorable reviews. My son bought one for his truck and it dampened his FM signal so I was hesitant. I installed this one on my 2015 Xterra and noted no change in the FM volume. The lack of antenna is pleasing to the eyes as I drive - definitely woth the price.

  • Keisha S. - I'm on day 5 but what Iv noticed so far ...

    I'm on day 5 but what Iv noticed so far is every time I drink it....that morning time, 10 mins after I get this upset noucious feeling, almost as if I'm gonna be sick. It's unbearible so I have to eat something....anything. Why is that?

  • Sn0wWhiteQu33n - it smells so delicious so fresh like as if my skin has just ran through 1000 ...

    Oh my God I will never buy regular witch hazel again I will forever more only buy, Quinns rosewater witch hazel... it smells so delicious so fresh like as if my skin has just ran through 1000 pounds of rose Gardens it's just wow. I love it it smells clean and yet beautiful, I smell Beautifu,l and my face feels amazing thank you for being alcohol-free because I am very skin sensitive, i have a lot of skin allergies and alcohol dries me out bad. I like to drink it (alcohol) but I don't like to wear it LOL. thank you I will be your customer forever.

  • yehudis Engel - NO DIFFERENCE

    I did not find it to be much different then a blender. Except that a blender is easier to use as you can put all your fruits in at once. whereas with this machine you've got to feed each fruit individually and then manually blend the fruits together. I am not impressed. But dissapointed.

  • Muhammad - Always use in my vehicles.

    My last car was pushing 165,000 miles and going very, very strong. I mean, I floored it all the time and was never merciful with that engine. Not only did I take good care of it, constantly clean it, and always use premium fuel, but I would use Sea Foam from time to time. A lot of engine cleaners are similar, but Sea Foam has been around for a long time and seems to be one the strongest and most reliable brands. And at around 8-12 dollars a can (depending on where you buy from), its totally worth it for me to use every now and then.

  • La NeGriTa - good

    it was needed for a person whose immune system was extremely low and it worked perfectly she is very content