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  • Umbrele Aluminiu | Scolaro Promo - Umbrele Aluminiu Umbrele Retractabile din Aluminiu   Umbrela este prevăzută cu braț lateral retractabil. Întregul schelet este
  • Lămpi cu încălzire infraroșu | Scolaro Promo - Vrei caldura instant? Opteaza pentru lampile cu incalzire infrarosu, care iti vor oferi o caldura placuta, la fel ca razele soarelui.

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    City: 25.55 Prahova, Romania

  • JWerd - Llluuuvvvvvved it

    I'm a fan and a follower of Luvvie. She was the first and only person I allowed to grace my already packed inbox with a newsletter and I never regret reading it. As such I didn't regret reading her boom. I cackled and nodded in agreement. Was luvly and I suggest you read it.

  • Megan Higgins - The spray feels like water, so my hair never felt particularly moisturized

    I feel very neutral about this product. While it didn't do any damage to my hair, I also didn't notice any change or improvement. The spray feels like water, so my hair never felt particularly moisturized.

  • JEV1A - Storm Proof

    I suppose I put this product to the Ultimate Test! Two days before Hurricane Matthew hit my area I applied Wipe New to the heavily oxidized exterior Black Rubber trim and bumpers etc. on my Vintage 328 BMW. It set for 24 Hours and then the Hurricane hit us! I do not have a garage so car remained in our open Carport under our large Sundeck. Car was battered all day and night by Palm Tree debris and small limbs from Oak Trees and unbelievable squalls of heavy rain. Finally after 2 days the cleanup began. I sprayed off the car with water and the trim looks very good.. much better than before. No streaks and a even coat with no cracks or any problems. FYI, the car is fine too.. When I use Wipe New next for my Beach Truck I will make sure the Weather won't be potentially catastrophic.. anyway, this stuff works, watch the video make sure and follow all the specific directions and its true.. a little goes along way.

  • RARowland, Cincinnati reviewer - The "sandwich" book leading up to "My Sister's Grave"

    This book is the prequel to "My Sister's Grave", which book put Robert Dugoni, again at the top of my reading library. Actually, aside from this book, which is really only a short story, the other book, also a short story, leading up to "Sister's grave", is "The Academy". The trilogy can be read in any order, which is what I did, unwittingly, but I'd recommend reading them starting with "Academy" , then "Third Watch" and finally "My Sister's Grave".

  • extra - Always spot on info

    I almost didn't buy it, because the only areas we went to in Italy were Venice and the Dolomites, and there's a wealth of info about Venice... all I really needed there was a map to explore! But the Dolomites... as usual, Rick Steves gives extensive information about the areas he and his group cover, right down to where the laundromats are. The buses in the Bolzano/Seis/Castelrotto region were confusing to me going in, and the book really made it clear. Wish I'd just gone ahead and bought every book of his (for the places on our trip) to begin with!

  • mike in tulsa - 5 Stars for customer service...

    I only gave it three stars because the bottom safety screws (designed to keep the TV from accidental lift off) should have been designed to adjust from the side, making it far more accessible than the bottom, which was difficult without a trip to The Home Depot to buy a long and skinny Phillips head screwdriver.

  • Sue Gambill-Read - Explosive side effect, not worth it

    I took this stuff for awhile before noticing my stools were perpetually loose. At first I thought it was the fish oil. After a particularly bad night when I had to take an antidiarrheal and ended up with a migraine, I got off all my supplements and added them back one by one. Sure enough it was the Schiff Move Free that restarted the diarrhea within 12 hours. Glad to see from these reviews that I am not the only one. And also, it did not do much for my knee pain. Coincidentally, my doctor prescribes about 1/3 the dose contained in this product. I will be trying a lower dose, different company (equiline).