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City: -77.4512 Virginia, United States

  • Kaliena - Will cost more money in the long run...use a different brand

    I hate that you HAVE to subscribe to support just to reproduce. Awful ...I miss the original Peachtree

  • Karen M. Spring - Helps My Skin Retain Its Glow

    After a week in August spent sunning myself on the beach, my face wasn't looking so great. Sunspots were everywhere and my complexion was suffering big time. I was so upset. Happily, I've found this vitamin C facial cleanser that gets my skin clean and leaves it soft and smooth without any residue or oily feeling. I put a small pump of this cleanser on an exfoliating facial brush and use this in a warm shower. My face feels so good and clean afterwards. Also, I find that this cleanser leaves me with much brighter skin. A little pump mixed with warm water lathers up nicely to cleanse the entire face and neck area.

  • NJohnson - Great Product!

    I really liked the product. If you use it everyday it will work. Whitens your teeth even if you smoke.

  • Didi - Thruth at last.

    This was a very interesting book seting forth the facts about whay is going on and the media should be ashamed for the lies it tells 'l

  • S. V. DESAI - Sole 35 review - svdesai

    Very pleased with this product. Its smooth, quite and feels like a professional machine in a gym. Getting is up to our master bedroom was hard. Just hope we don't move from this house as this machine is not getting out of where its sitting now :). Assembly while straight forward, does take a good dedicated 3 hours for an avg. person. ok it took me 3.5 hours but I goof'ed on one step so have to rewind a little. Highly recommend this products. Its been a week and loving it so far...

  • K.A.Z - Amazing belly butter!!

    I've been using this belly butter and it feels amazing. Its very moisturizing and I will definitely recommend to my friends that are pregnant.