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  • JoAnn - Sound too low!

    The sound is so low I can hardly hear it. I need to stand right next to it, and that's at full volume.

  • AmazonFan - "Here's How to Fix Your Waterpik When You Experience Low or No Water Pressure- Where it No longer Works...

    I ordered my Waterpik on October 13, 2013, however It just stopped working this Saturday. When I turned it on, it sounded like it was straining. No water pressure &/or it was very low. Furthermore reading the manual was of no help.

  • B Keller - Didn't work

    I've needed a head gasket done for a few years now and have gotten by pretty well with less costly band-aids. So I decided to give this product a chance to cure my problem. Well it cured the problem all right. About a week after a flush and putting this stuff in, I was blowing white smoke and running on at least one less cylinders. So I broke down and replaced the truck, I'll miss my little GMC Sonoma. This did not work, you can see where I might view this stuff as deadly to my truck, it made the problem much worse.

  • Skelzie - This a great product but I expected to get powder in 4 ...

    This a great product but I expected to get powder in 4 separate bags, instead, I receive one box with a lot of powder in it. The instructions say to use 1/4 of the bag at a time but I did not want to measure it out. Nevertheless I poured out the powder by eye and hope I get it right. If not, the price was still good.

  • Amazon Customer - The true unbiased review

    Well, first of all, i want to say that i bought the game a few weeks ago, i didn't have access to the game when it was released, it seems the patches and the updates have fixed most of the problems that plagued the release version.