Fibroids Miracle™ - Treat Uterine Fibroids Naturally - A Unique 3 Step System to Beating Uterine Fibroids the Natural Way Using Holistic Medicine

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  • Amazon Customer -'s alright

    It does a good job as a leave in conditioner. If you are going to combine it with any other product it's best to put the Cantu Shea Butter on first and let your hair dry up to 80% then apply curling or twisting product. Otherwise your hair will be full of white residue.

  • MadMatt - Good fun!

    I enjoyed it. It feels kind of derivative, a bit of "zombies" of all things, cliches of training farmers into a fighting force, working together as a team, inspirational yelling before a fight, the comic book closing credits, and so help me, I can't think of Dwayne as a good actor. But I still liked the take on Hercules and his legend. The characters were likable and I enjoyed the twist on who were the "good guys." I did not regret watching it.

  • Karen M. Arlington, VA - Excellent results to compliment adrenal fatigue recovery, but take it with juice not water.

    I bought this when my adrenal fatigue treatment stalled. I don't have any GI issues, but I am trying to figure out why my blood work levels are not improving despite the supplements I have been taking for over a year (D3, iron, DHEA, etc..) and my adrenal fatigue recovery has plateaued without complete resolution of the fatigue and sleep difficulties. I stumbled upon the absorption issue theory of leaky gut, which in my mind would make sense for my above complaints. I also continue to have a strong addiction to sugar despite a year of dietary and lifestyle changes. Although much improved, there are times everyday when I feel like I have poison ivy and people tell me not to scratch, my body MUST have sugar for the pain and impulse of the sugar craving to go away. Understanding more about yeast in the gut and it's need for sugar to survive helped me understand the strong impulses for sugar. Convinced this is a logical thing to at least try to rule out that it is not a gut issue, I bought this leaky gut product and probiotics from another brand. I have taken both products for 2 weeks. The first week (like the fist week of the Whole 30) was filled with bowel changes and intense headaches, but after the "detox and adjustment" phase, I am convinced of the benefits for this product combined with probiotics. My stomach was visibly flatter in the first week. My sugar cravings are reducing significantly. Plain water can quench my thirst rather than needing flavored (sweetened) water, I am hungry less frequently throughout the day and at bed time. I am optimistic about continuing the treatment. The down side is the flavor. Adding it to water as directed was absolutely foul tasting. I tried for 4 days to take it with water, reducing the amount of water so I could get it down in one gulp and chasing it with the remainder of the required water to get rid of the taste. It was still just awful. Other reviews said they mixed it with juice. So even though I am trying to reduce sugar in my diet, I felt sticking with this treatment was worth adding a bit of juice to my diet. So I take it with orange juice and the the flavor is no longer a problem. Hope this helps, and good luck with your own journey to health.

  • Pamela U. Moore - Great relaxer, and does not interfere with my medications.

    I have been a big fan of Celestial Seasonings since the 1980s, when a friend drank the different blends and I tried one. My husband drinks this faithfully every night, and I sometimes drink some of his. I do have one complaint, though small: when I drink a full cup, it sends me to the bathroom a couple of times in the night.

  • Jim Besso - The test worked VERY well.

    I lost my install CD for my old version of Creator (version 9), so when I upgraded my laptop, I looked for a replacement. This option, a downloadable version from Amazon, was available for discount, because it was the "old version", although it was a couple of versions newer than the one I had been using. I installed this version on my new Windows 8 laptop, and it installs and runs perfectly. I like the feature enhancements from version 9, and the software itself is familiar enough for me to hit the ground running. I've mastered several DVD's already, and generated several slide shows of pictures with music and text overlays, and it couldn't have been easier. I've also clipped together movies from my camera with clips downloaded from youtube and facebook, and that worked very well... even a HD movie that was huge - over an hour total time. It took a while to render, to the final movie of course, but there were options to render it for use on a phone, various devices such as a tablet, ipad or video player, computer, dvd, blue ray, and more. Over all, I'm very happy with this version of Roxio, and with purchasing software on Amazon - they keep the info "in the cloud", so I can get to it later, and the process was very manageable. My test worked well, and I would absolutely do this again, when the opportunity arises!

  • gail owen - Great to organize recipes

    I have had an older version and really like keeping all recipes in one place. It only takes a few minutes to add a recipe wand even a pic. I give this for wedding gifts.

  • richard bolduc - Great first (and last?) Bow!

    First bow for me and I am quite happy with it. Easily adjustable for draw weight and length. Pretty compact and light weight. Some people will say it is a "youth bow" only, but with up to 70lbs draw weight and 310+fps, no reason this can't be a first and last bow for your every day novice archer.