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  • Pen Name - Nike Mach X irons

    I researched quiet a bit for a good pair of clubs for a beginner at a fair price. These irons grabbed my attention not only for price but because they were Nike! They are great set amd very pleased with my purchased product.

  • Amazon Customer - The scent of this product is amazing. Leaves no residue

    The scent of this product is amazing. Leaves no residue, just a clean feeling and wonderful calming scent. I still use this for my children and they are certainly no longer "babies" just kids that need a claiming end to the day.

  • Robert O. - Roxio (Yuck)

    It's not compatible with Windows 7. Earlier and easy componets of the program are missing. It's a disaster for Windows 7 users. My earlier version for Windows XP was far superior to the new one. A total waste of good money, even at the reduced price.

  • steve hargrave - We followed the directions and had dark green beautiful grass.

    I am in zone 8 in Wilmington, NC. We followed the directions and had dark green beautiful grass..... for about two weeks. No matter where the grass was located i.e. sun or shade the grass died, even thou watered as directed. Perhaps it is my soil as centipede thrives here. The techs at Jonathan Green were very helpful and knowledgeable. I would contact them prior to purchase.

  • skyflier - No Support for update failure from H & R Block because "purchased through third party"??!!

    The software appeared to install just fine from the CD shipped to me. After successful installation, a federal update was available, downloaded ok, but INSTALLATION "rolled back" and was not applied. I tried the H&R Block download website and same thing occurred. Tried on my other PC, same results. I've used their product without a hitch for years....after being disconnected from telephone tech support twice before getting to a human voice, I resorted to online chat support where I was told "since you did not purchase the software through H&R Block any issues with your purchase must be directed to the original source of purchase" PERIOD. I regret that because H&R Block slammed the door on customer support in this manner- because the successfully downloaded update cannot be applied- it some ISN'T their problem???!!! WOOOW... Look out!

  • Amazon Customer - LOVE THIS!

    My husband has had TERRIBLE toenail fungus for many years. Our insurance company turned us down for the oral Lamisil due to the many problems it can cause to your kidneys. His nails were so black and thick that he LITERALLY wittled the nails with a knife when they needed to be trimmed since he broke the heavy duty nail clippers on more than one occassion trying to trim them. Though I initially put little faith in a simple gel that was topically applied, I bought it anyway (nothing else was working). He simply squeezed a small amount of gel on each nail after showering and, after several weeks, there was a dramatic difference and now after a few months, the new nails are growing in normal -- no more black and thick nails. My husband now goes barefoot without embarrassment and I'm back at Amazon to order a new supply (the first 4 ounce bottle we bought lasted over 6 months!)

  • Michael - Not a B-movieā€¦more like an H or J movie

    Wow, if you are looking for pure schlock in movies, this is it! It took all of my willpower to stick with this flick. It may have become a cult favorite were it not so exceedingly poor. Consider yourself ready for any torture if you make it to the end.