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  • Sven - Good won'y regret buying it!

    I've had the light for several months and have carried it daily. It fits in my pocket very nicely and sometimes I forget it is there. It has been dropped, dropped then accidentally kicked across the shop and been submerged when I had to rescue a dog that fell through the ice. It still works fine, the clip is still as strong as the first day and the finish is holding up pretty good. There is some wear but it is honest wear from daily use. I live where there are no streetlights and this lights up the area enough to check the outbuildings from the porch. I really like this light and I'm planning on getting the one with usb port for charging to keep in the truck. My friends who've got one after seeing mine are happy with theirs.

  • Star Svetlana - Great Oil!

    I use this Oils when its a Flu season. It really helps with some viruses, and its great if you have a cough. I just put few drops Oregano Oil with olive oil into the gel caps, and take it. And it helps to fight colds and Flu. Also you can use it in cooking. I highly recommend it!

  • Dave Hanson - All you need to get started on your PMP exam ...

    All you need to get started on your PMP exam cram. I also bought the online class with the extra practice exams too....

  • Michael H - Just as good as the first

    The quality is as good as the first book in the series. Still wonderfully illustrated and really helps bring the book alive. Expensive but well worth it due to the high quality of the book.

  • rabbia - Not a good earpiece.

    Not a good earpiece ..takes 2 hours to charge and work 1 and half hour ..not worth money sound is not clear compare to this one