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  • John from Maine - Honest Read, Justice Served

    Great book. Couldn't put it down. Very clever plot of missed justice and redemption. The characters are not complicated, but genuine and true to themselves. Mr Pratt did a great job with this. I've recommended it to all my friends.

  • Jorge Lazaro Diaz - Perfect for Job Hunter and Career Changers

    I read this book and now, as a career coach, recommend it to job hunters and clients considering a career change. I have delivered several presentations based on its content. Every one has been very well received.

  • NicoleU - It's alright.

    I'm black. I like to put this in my hair after using a hair moisturizer & then put on a silk cap and in the morning my hair feels really smooth/soft and FLAT (which I like for the average day). I bought this from Amazon about a year ago, and to this day I've only used about 1/4 of it. A little really goes a long way. I also was attracted to this price. It's FREAKING cheap via Amazon. At least, relatively to what it is in stores. I'm not sure if this made any real difference to my hair or protection of my hair before styling but I do like the feeling of it.

  • Thomas R. - I love that I always have a blade

    Handy knife to have. Has the main things you need in a pinch. I love that I always have a blade, #2 Phillips head screw driver, a standard flat blade screw driver and a bottle opener. Closing the bottle opener is tricky. Once you know how it is simple and can be done with one hand. I do enjoy handing it to people letting them use it and watch as they try to figure out how to close it. It fits nicely in a pocket and doesn't grab much attention.

  • Hallel - Works great!

    My husband is on an antiarrhythmic. The doctor wanted to put him on another one which has really bad side effects and I, being a nurse, insisted that what he is on is fine. The doctor insisted on a stress echo to make sure there was no cardiac disease, since that would be a contraindication for him being on the current antiarrhythmic. He has been taking the Endothelial defense for quite a while as I wanted to be sure that his blood vessels remained clear. The stress echo was perfectly normal, allowing him to stay on his current medication. I believe that this was due to the endothelial defense. I researched and found studies that indicate this works to help keep blood vessels clear. I believe in this product so much that we have it on autoship.

  • debs - So Cute!

    Nice that they are available in different colors. Granddaughters each get one that way. Reasonably priced for collecting.

  • Karen Kincaid - Surprise!

    I understand this product is marketed for face acne....however, some of us, especially those of us who wear blue jeans every single day in the winter, sometimes experience acne, well, on the buttox! So I gave it a try, just had a few bumps, and two days later, GONE! Oh, and it works on the face too! I would definitely recommend this product. When you first apply, you feel the coolness of the tea tree oil, but that quickly dissipates, so no worries! I am definitely keeping a few extras around in the event the product becomes unavailable.