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  • Paul S - ACT! is a scam

    I've recently joined a company that uses ACT!. Users are spread across the country and have different versions of ACT! I wanted to create a folder where I could receive backups of all the users ACT! databases. When I try to open a database, I get "this backup was created on a newer version of ACT! Please upgrade your ACT! software". Okay, fair enough...seems strange that I can't open backups between different versions of ACT! (the software we have is only 2 years apart). So instead of upgrading everyone in the company to the same version, I decided to just research a different CRM system. We really only use the contacts, companies, and notes features anyway. I found out that ACT! essentially makes it impossible to leave their software...or at least impossible without spending more money. You can't export notes from ACT! Our notes have a lot of important information and there's no way to simply export them from the program. Of course, they offer "add-ons" that you can buy which will magically allow you to do this. The ACT! software is basically just a vehicle used to offer upgrades, add-ons, and tech support which they always charge for. ACT! is a scam. Try using something like Future Simple BASE, or Less Annoying CRM. I can't wait to ditch this terrible software.

  • Steve - The last bucket is terrible. The tablets are powdery to the touch

    I have been buying this chlorine for 4-5 years now. The last bucket is terrible. The tablets are powdery to the touch. By the time i finish loading the chlorine in my hands are completely white and its all over the place. I ruined a pair of pants because the chlorine got on them. 25% of the tablets i touch are also cracked into small pieces. I don't know what changed this year. maybe one bad bucket or did they lower the quality?

  • Shhop - Fun, Fun

    Fun, Fun, Fun! Couldn't get the grandkids off of it! Only used it one week last summer but really enjoyed it. 4yr old and 8yr old just loved it and didn't want to get off. Adults got to take turns riding with them. Feels very sturdy and stable on the water. Even with boat driver trying to "dump" riders. Goes over the wake and back easily. Hope it holds up for many more years of fun!

  • Scrumptuosity - Terrible Television, Terrible Company

    DO NOT BUY THIS TV! I was given one because I was burglarized and needed a new TV at the time. I have not even had this TV for a year and it won't come on by simply pressing the power button. I contacted Element Customer service and the (probably outsourced) agent gave me a troubleshooting option: Unplug all of the connected devices from the TV, Hold the power button down for 30 seconds and it should come back on. It worked that day the first time instantly. Now every SINGLE time I turn the TV off I have to go through troubleshooting it for LITERALLY 20 times before it comes back on. So I literally have to spend 40 minutes trying to get my TV to turn on EVERY TIME. Don't waste your money on this TV. Spend a few extra bucks and at least get an LG. By the way, Customer Service for this company says that they are open 24 hours now I have been on hold for about 30 minutes now. There must be hundreds of other people who can't get their TV on calling too. Every single online review is bad for this company's customer service and the actual product. Wal-Mart doesn't even sell them new anymore only refurbished so that only proves that these TVs were all bought during Christmas and Black Friday sales and returned to Wal-Mart recently. It should be against the law for a company to sell an appliance like this that won't even work for two years if you're lucky.

  • Catlady - Glad to find this supplement although the pills are very ...

    Glad to find this supplement although the pills are very large. I wish they could be smaller or easier to swallow.