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  • Christian Fisco - Bright and Beautiful

    These lights are amazing. I have a pretty large gardens in my front and backyard, and I enjoy staring at the flowers and bushes being lit up at night. I’ve purchased lights before but they were poorly made and fell apart easily. The plastic poles were weak and flimsy. If there was ever a wind storm or if I was gardening and bumped into them, they would end up falling apart. The light were also solar charged, but they dim and unappealing. These lights however made such a difference in my gardens. They are well put together and very bright. I don’t have to worry about them being destroyed even when winter storms come. The stainless steel looks beautiful and I don’t have to worry about them rusting from rain or snow. The spike made it really easy to impale the ground and it is very sturdy in the ground. However, the brightness has to be my favorite part of the lights. There is no worry about charging them or replacing batteries because they are solar powered. The LED lights are so amazing. They were so bright and my gardens are perfectly illuminated!

  • Thomas R Chalmers - Excellent tool

    The book and the software are a great combination. The software was easy to use, and the book helped to explain the entire process. Very handy combination.

  • Keith Taylor - WILSON!

    I keep him in my office, and he has been a welcome addition to the team. He's not afraid of long hours, always keeps his smile, and is always receiving complements from co-workers.

  • David - Great Card Program to Save Money in the Long Run!

    I love this card program for its easy of use! At first I thought it wasn't going to work with my Windows 8 as it wasn't loading, even after 20 minutes. I talked to the technical support people and they said it could take one hour which is what it took on my computer. I don't have a slow computer! It's a new Dell with 2 TB hard-drive, 8 GB RAM and 3.1 g hz on the speed. I like the over 3000 cards they offer in the program. I am a little disappointing they don't have more photo type pictures available. Instead, it seems over 90% are drawings. Other than these two negative things I do like the program and a person can develop their own custom made card quite easily.

  • Uribe Lopez - Worked for one of us ha ha

    I was initially interested in this chin strap for my husband's snoring, but it did not fit well on him, it was too small. I then tried it on myself and again it was small. It did fit but it was a bit tight.

  • Basfrommobay - Unable to Install In Florida

    I bought two product keys and they cannot be installed. Everything on the keys were written in Spanish then partway through the install I got a message that software is not approved for my region. My region is Ft Lauderdale, Florida.

  • Kyle Brooks - This is my back packer! I Take this everywhere

    This is the true blue juice! yea it comes off as confusing in the initial spray but after 10 mins and it settles down the scent is ahead turner love it one of a kind nothing else smells Like it