SMC Ltd. - SMC Ltd. is a contract manufacturer of devices for the health care industry. With a core competency of complex molding, SMC specializes in finished devices.

  • About - SMC Ltd. - About the Company: Founded in 1988, SMC Ltd. was built on a vision to provide high quality manufacturing services faster than industry options of the day.
  • Markets - SMC Ltd. - SMC’s exclusive focus on the medical market, combined with over 25 years experience, allows us to offer expert knowledge for your finished medical device.
  • Supply Chain - SMC Ltd. - We’ve created a seamless supply chain process that ensures the highest level of quality while keeping your bottom line and timeline in mind.
  • Early Involvement - SMC Ltd. - Early involvement through SMC’s product development team allows customers to seamlessly bridge the gap from design to production.
  • Prototyping - SMC Ltd. - At SMC, we have a dedicated team and manufacturing space just for prototyping, an important and beneficial part of our process.
  • Tooling - SMC Ltd. - SMC focuses on offering high quality tooling solutions dedicated to robust processes and reduced speed-to-market.
  • Silicone (LIM) - SMC Ltd. - At SMC Ltd. we have proven that complex silicone parts can be produced repeatedly in nearly half the lead-time as traditional silicone molding options.
  • Micro and Miniature Molding - SMC Ltd. - With micro part sizes starting at 0.003 cubic inches (0.045 g) and smaller, SMC can provide even the smallest parts while still holding tight tolerances.
  • Metals - SMC Ltd. - SMC engineers are experienced in the properties of metals and are ready to assist you to realize practical and cost-effective solutions for your products.
  • Electronics - SMC Ltd. - With our in-house design expertise and electrical engineers, SMC can partner with you to help design and manage the electronics of your device.
  • Assembly - SMC Ltd. - Our global facilities offer ISO 13485 systems for assembly as well as kitting and packaging services.
  • Automation - SMC Ltd. - With an in-house team capable of designing custom automation, SMC works with you to develop cells for your specific program.
  • Drug Handling - SMC Ltd. - SMC’s drug delivery team has experience handling and integrating pharmaceutical drugs into customized delivery device for final product assembly.
  • Formulation and Reagent Filling - SMC Ltd. - SMC has specialists not typical to most Contract Manufacturers including Biological Engineers, Chemical Engineers, and fully accredited Lab Technicians.
  • Packaging, Labeling, and Sterilization - SMC Ltd. - Once your final product has been assembled, SMC has the capabilities to package, label, and coordinate sterilization.
  • Quality/Validation - SMC Ltd. - SMC’s ISO 13485-accredited and FDA facilities provide the highest quality standards for your medical device.
  • Kitting and Packaging - SMC Ltd. - With SMC’s full device services we can customize packaging and kitting specific to your finished device and components in preparation for sterilization.
  • LCC - SMC Ltd. - With marketplace global lines blurring, SMC offers customers Low Cost Country (LCC) and strategically placed alternatives for device manufacturing.
  • Costa Rica - SMC Ltd. - Strategically located in Central America, SMC Costa Rica is located in the Coyol free trade zone, a central hub to many medical device companies.
  • India - SMC Ltd. - Located in the southern part of India, SMC’s Bangalore facility is ideally located for in-country, European, or Asian distribution of medical devices.
  • Corporate Responsibility - SMC Ltd. - In support of the California Transparency in Supply Chains Act of 2010, SMC Ltd. is committed to conducting business in a lawful and ethical manner.

    Country:, North America, US

    City: -118.3928 California, United States

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