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    Upon further investigation, we found the civilian toy to have 5 grams of cocaine lodged within (what would be) the rectal area of the toy. NOT APPROPRIATE FOR KIDS!

  • PcTechPaul - Awesome, Just Awesome

    I ordered this from the seller about a year ago and I had one of the worst cock roach infestations that I had ever seen in my life. It was so bad that I could see them at night crawling on the inside of the TV screen, I had to throw out 2 coffee pots because they were breeding inside parts I couldn't even get to in order to clean along with a wooden knife block in the kitchen. I had to throw out an alarm clock because their were dead roaches covering the LED numbers so that you couldn't make out what time it was.

  • Alfonso Sanchez - I still have this book and refer back to it ...

    I still have this book and refer back to it when I need to find something. I used it in school and now at work.