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  • Grandma Pearle - I just like it.

    I started with the little TheraBreath mints first because they helped keep my mouth from drying out at night when we slept with my CPAP.

  • mike ormerod - INCREDIBLY REALISTIC!

    My son and I played with it a few times, but I didn't think he really understood how to work it. So, I substituted the dad with my old Mohammad Ali action figure and instantly, he took 20 extra minutes to get through. Using a brown character over the dad unlocked several hidden functions including cavity search, laptop dismantling, and finally tasering (6v lantern battery not included)

  • Matthew - It's good, not great.

    I so wanted to love this device and give it a high rating but there are some issues. Actually, near as I can tell, one big issue that cost it the 5-star rating it should get.