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  • Suzanne Sagester - The Devil's Work

    The book was Awesome! Kept me guessing and page turning late into the night. I recommend lovers of mysteries and thrillers give all of Mark Edwards' books a read.

  • Amazon Customer - Awesome product with all natural, organic ingredients. Give it a try!

    I was really excited to try this product, as I've switched to more natural products over the past few years and have been trying to find a natural toothpaste and tooth whitener that does the job. I have tried several market brands and have been disappointed in each one thus far. They just don't leave your mouth feeling clean! Most recently, I have been using a simple homemade toothpaste of coconut oil and baking soda, and my attempts to use activated charcoal made quite a mess.

  • Daniel Lenzmeier - Great deal and cool shoe.

    Awesome deal at 80 bucks. This is a great shoe for spinning. I wear an 11.5 and the 46 worked for me. The ratchet clasp is great and I would never go without now that I have it. I have a slim foot and the normal works well. Highly recommended.

  • Kerryb83 - More please

    I received this book free for an honest review. I honestly loved it. The plot was great, I loved the two main characters. Hayley and Luke grew up together with his brother Chris. Eventually Luke and Hayley get together as they both secretly love each other. Hayley leaves town and while she's gone Luke and Chris's sister is murdered and Luke goes to prison for allegedly killing her murderer. Hayley comes back to town and Luke and Hayley pick up where they left off. Great romance, action and suspense. Look forward to another book by Frankie Love!

  • Amazon Customer - Great product and great taste!!

    I've used different protein products in the past and this 1 seems to work best for me. I just switched the time that I drink this so hopefully I'll see better results. Overall, I really like it and I'm not as sore after I work out. Plus it tastes great!!!

  • kevin - A very capable camcorder at an excellent price!

    For those who still use camcorders as I do, this price on offer can't be beat. The operation of controls and set up are dead simple. The colour reproduction is excellent and start up time quite rapid. For a backup video recorder or for amateur use, this unit can't be beat. Get a large capacity SD chip to complete the package.

  • Mom2Twins - Best Present Ever.

    This was the best Christmas present I think I've ever bought so far. Both this for my 9, now 10 year old son. He was so excited on Christmas morning and literally is still just as excited about this game. He would play on it endlessly if we let him. He can wander through the city, drive cars, swim in the ocean (and get eaten by sharks), and all sorts of other adventures. There is no bad language, no girls in skimpy clothes, no guns, just fun. I really, honestly, could not recommend this game more. If there was an option for a 6th star, I would give it.