SUMARCA -Todo Lo Que Necesitas Para Tu Comercio - Empresa líder en la comercialización de sistemas de etiquetado y etiquetas, precintos, rollos sumadora/térmicos, ribbons, impresoras, papel un solo uso, bolsas plástico y papel, artículos de papelería y ofimática, sistemas de seguridad y antihurto, calzado,… en definitiva, todo lo que necesita para su empresa o comercio, continua apostando por la calidad, el servicio, la profesionalidad y la atención personalizada a sus clientes desde la larga experiencia en satisfacer, con rapidez y eficiencia, las distintas necesidades de sus clientes.

Country:, Europe, ES

City: -3.684 , Spain

  • Amazon Customer - Burning bridges and Old Chumps.

    Phil & Miami Vice were BOSS back in the day! As far as it goes Phil has alway brought meaning to what he writes and it still applies as much now as it did then, it's my understanding of the songs meaning that has matured into a better understanding.

  • Heather R Green - Got my son off the Xbox with this toy!

    So this is a super fun interactive robot! I received this product free from Spin Master in exchange for my honest review and opinion. I gave this to my 14 year old son. Normally he has a pretty short attention span, and hes at that age where some things are too "grown" for him and others are too "babyish". This was the perfect toy for him to play with! He easily put this robot together by himself in less than an hour using the packaging and included instruction manual. (Keep in mind this takes AAA batteries that aren't included) Once he was fully assembled, my son decided his name is Buford. Buford had the whole family entertained for the evening! You can ask it questions, or turn on dance mode and watch him boogie. We will be getting the other two for Christmas so we can watch how they interact together!

  • Chris Kenzo - A useful tool worth experimenting with

    Really useful tool for either making yourself less drunk (if you take it half way through a long session for example) or for reducing hangovers. I would recommend you give it a go if you struggle with hangovers like myself.

  • Christina - I have to admit the product smells nice and a little goes a long way

    I am big into organic beauty products. I have to admit the product smells nice and a little goes a long way. It doesn't cause any irritation but hasn't improved the quality of my skin. I like using this with my clairsonic so I can really work the product in. Otherwise it feels like it isn't cleansing very efficiently. I wouldn't order again, but I'm satisfied enough to finish the product

  • Joseph J. Slevin - A Worthwhile Journey - Essential for Career Direction

    I researched Bolles' updated for 2005 and it is still a classic. My review below still stands, but updated as follows.

  • susan - Saved a ton of money over having dealer install.

    Installation was accomplished by my husband in under 15 minutes. Have not yet used them as I am still needing to get my kayak carrying adapter, but love the way they look!